Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, will star in the upcoming Apple TV+ miniseries The Crowded Room, which is based on Daniel Keyes’ 1981 book The Minds of Billy Milligan. Holland will take on the role of Danny Sullivan, a fictional character whose life takes a dramatic turn after he is detained for his alleged involvement in a shooting in New York City in 1979.

Apple Studios and New Regency, with Akiva Goldsman of Weed Road Productions serving as executive producer, produced The Crowded Room. Tom Holland also serves as the executive producer of the show, which is being directed by fellow executive producer Kornél Mundruczó, along with Mona Fastvold, Brady Corbet, and Alan Taylor. Brilliant writers like Akiva Goldsman, Henrietta Ashworth, Jessica Ashworth, Suzanne Heathcote, Cortney Norris, and Gregory Lessans are among those credited with writing for the program.

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Actors Amanda Seyfried (L), Tom Holland (C) and Emmy Rossum (R) arrive for the premiere of Apple TV+'s "The Crowded Room"
Amanda Seyfried, Tom Holland, and Emmy Rossum arrive for the premiere of Apple TV+’s “The Crowded Room” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

When and where is Tom Holland’s The Crowded Room Releasing?

Beginning in early March 2022, New York City served as the location for filming The Crowded Room, which will premiere on June 9th, 2023. A new episode of the show will be released each Friday until the 28th of July, with the first three episodes being available on Apple TV+ on the debut dates.

Tom Holland, who not only stars as Danny Sullivan in a 10-part episode series but also serves as the executive producer, mentioned at the premiere that there was a steep learning curve at first. He said, “It’s interesting. You know, the producing side of things was a really steep learning curve. Being on set, performing in this role, going to those dark places, while also, handling certain issues that happen every day on a film set was a little bit overwhelming.” 

The Crowded Room is inspired from a novel 'The Minds of Billy Milligan'
Tom Holland in ‘The Crowded Room’

Holland further added, “But I had an amazing team of people. Alexandra, Akiva, Ally, and all of the people at Apple were so supportive of me. Being a part of the edit, working with the producers, building the show, casting everything. I loved it.”

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Who stars in The Crowded Room?

The Apple TV+ show stars Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan, Amanda Seyfried as Rya, who is a clinical psychologist, Emmy Rossum as Candy, who is Danny’s mother, and Emma Laird as Danny’s girlfriend. The show also sees Sasha Lane as Ariana, Thomas Sadoski as Matty Dunne, Henrique Zaga as Philip, and Christopher Abbott.

Amanda Seyfriend spoke to ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman and mentioned that Holland was enthusiastic about the job. She explained, “I remember we all had this huge dinner after or before our table read, and he’s just like [how] he was in it. He was so happy to be finally, like, starting this because he had been on that journey — I think he’d been attached to [the project] for a while — And his energy about it was infectious. His investment in it really helped everybody come together.”

Tom Holland and Sasha Lane
Tom Holland and Sasha Lane in ‘The Crowded Room’

The actress further mentioned, “Then he had shot a lot of stuff, and then finally, when I came in to start working a couple of months into the shoot, it was just the two of us in this room for three weeks straight. It was intense, but it was also kind of nice. It was kind of cozy in a way. We were dealing with an incredible subject matter, but slowly. And the challenge was not to give anything away. It’s crazy.”

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What is Tom Holland starrer The Crowded Room about?

The Crowded Room, which was inspired by the book The Minds of Billy Milligan, centers on Danny Sullivan, who is detained after it is discovered that he took part in a shooting in New York City in 1979. Danny Sullivan’s life story begins to take shape through the series of interviews the brilliant Rya conducts with him, revealing some shocking aspects of his past that have shaped him into the person he is today.

With its exploration of themes like trauma, atonement, and self-discovery, the series promises to be a profoundly compelling look into human experience. As Danny tells his tale, viewers will be hooked into a world of mystery and suspense as they witness his past come to light in front of their very eyes.

Source: Collider

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