The New Iron-Man Armor
Tony Stark took his Mark 54 armour to battle against Captain Marvel during the events of Civil War II. The fight with Captain Marvel left him in coma for two years and now he’s back with a new version of his regular Iron Man armour. The armour is numbered Mark 55 and is classic Iron Man. It has repulsive blasts shooting out of his palms, it can fly and even has dynamic wings attached. It might look a little bulkier than the older one, which was sleeker but it can be seen as the next step to the ever evolving Iron Man suit. It’s high tech with a hint of old.

Nano Iron Men
Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 introduces armours of all sizes. There’s a giant armour called Fin Faang Foombuster and the opposite of that, the miniature Iron Man. Iron Man dispatches a nano Iron Man in hopes of defeating Fin Fang Foom and this armour is remote controlled and looks like a spacesuit, with a fish-bowl like head. It’s coloured with vintage Iron Man colours of red and gold with light nodes on shoulders and the legs and torso coloured with black.
Iron Man starts with dispatching only one nano Iron Man with some help from his newest hire and once it works out, he launches an entire army of Iron Men to destroy the disk which is controlling him.

In just a single issue that has been released yet, we’ve seen three Iron Man suits already by Slott and Delgado and these range from all shapes and sizes. We are hoping that they have a lot more in their sleeves and we can’t wait for the next issue of Tony Stark: Iron Man.

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