In short, Kang maintains his position amongst the most invincible villains of all time owing to his ability to control time, and there are distinguishable versions of Kang across different timelines with identical features of the original Kang. However, Kang has encountered some major defeats, and they have scarred his winning streaks with embarrassing endings

1. Son of Black Bolt: Ahura’s Show of Strength

Ahura Vs. Kang

When the end of all things seemed imminent during Time Runs Out, Black Bolt covertly entrusted his son Ahura to Kang the Conqueror. After Secret Wars (2015), the Multiverse was revived, and Black Bolt and a unit of Inhumans returned to retake what was his. Unfortunately, Kang declared that Ahura was his for eternity. The Inhumans discovered that Ahura had acquired the mantle of Kang and was forced to kill him and Medusa.

Determined to prevent this mishappening from occurring, Black Bolt and the Inhumans found Ahura at his youth. They showed him what he was putting himself into, but Kang wouldn’t let this happen, right? On attempting to crush the Inhumans, he faced a young Inhuman with newly manifested powers and to surprise faced an embarrassing defeat.

2. Friend turned Foe: Doctor Doom Vs. Kang

Doom slits Kang's throat

After he was framed for the attack on the Antlion Space Station, Doctor Doom has declared an internationally wanted criminal. When Lady Death resurrected Victor, Doctor Doom was forced to take a train across the United States in search of a Latverian dead drop that awaited him. Accompanying him as an ally was Kang the Conqueror, whose curiosity to witness the outcome was pretty high.

The Latverian dead drop was an invincible weapon called the ‘Ultimate Nullifier’. Kang then showed his true colors and turned on Doctor Doom. In retaliation, Doom shattered the energy weapon that Kang had summoned and used a piece of metal to cut his throat—seemingly executing Kang.

3. One’s own enemy: Iron Lad

Iron Lad: Power

Iron Lad, a younger version of Kang, was instructed to return to the present as a means of expediting his evolution into Kang the Conqueror. In order to rebel, Iron Lad formed the Young Avengers after the breaking up of the Avengers team as a result of Avengers Disassembled.

Kang later arrived to see the progress of his plan, and he was defeated by the Young Avengers. Iron Lad then killed Kang the Conqueror. Furthermore, this meant Iron Lad now had to leave to fulfil his cursed destiny, as the timeline required a new Kang.

4. Teacher Vs. Students: The Apocalypse Twins

Rise of the Apocalypse Twins

When Archangel of the X-Men chose a pair of twins to succeed him and assume the responsibility of Apocalypse, Kang the Conqueror retrieved the Twins to use them for his own evil plans. Kang taught the twins to be merciless and skillful warriors. Unfortunately, the Twins soon abandoned Kang for their own sinister motives.

This caused the Apocalypse Twins to return to the present, brawl with the Avengers Unity Division, and execute a Celestial. Their actions caused huge damage to Kang’s precious time and space. Thus, Kang had to arrive in order to fight along with the Avengers.

5. Blood Betrayal: Kang’s Son

Marcus Kang

Kang returned to the present with the army and a plan to rule over the world, which did prove to be successful. It was made possible by the efforts of his son Marcus, who had succeeded the mantle of Scarlet Centurion.

However, Scarlet Centurion had fallen in love with Warbird (Carol Danvers). He freed Carol, which caused the Avengers to rally and use Triune Understanding’s alien technology to overthrow Kang and make him surrender. The defeat was so embarrassing that Scarlet Centurion had to save Kang from being captured.

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