Admirers of Marvel Comics have always had a soft spot for the Symbiote world because, unlike other superheroes, these symbiotes have the power to both delights and horrify them. Venom and Carnage are two of the most well-known names, and both believed that Toxin was the strongest ever in their species.

Toxin formed a symbiotic bond with police officer Pat Mulligan shortly after his birth (Carnage is his father), and the two of them were able to cause a lot of harm to their opponents. Here are some facts about Toxin that you may not have learned from reading the comics.

5. The Connect With Spider-Man

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When Toxin completely linked with Pat Mulligan and exposed himself to be a Symbiote, Mulligan, a decent-hearted family guy, intended to utilize his newfound power for good. Toxin was still very young, and happily, he hadn’t acquired his reasoning abilities. Mulligan utilized his abilities for good, collaborating with Spider-Man and Black Cat on several occasions. It was fantastic since Toxin never seemed like an anti-hero like Venom.

4. The Other Host

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Pat Mulligan was ruthlessly slain during the struggle with Blackheart, which meant Toxin needed to find a new host or else it would perish this time. Venom discovered it and proceeded to Eddie Brock. He compelled him to develop a Symbiotic connection with Toxin, which occurred because no one wants to be in the bad books of someone like Venom, who doesn’t think twice about murdering someone.

3. Brawl With Venom

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Toxin, after connecting with Eddie, was no longer a happy puppy since it had grown into an adult and sought power. As a result, it took over its host and transformed into the monster that Mulligan assisted in keeping buried for years. It immediately went for its grandpa, Venom, and Toxin sought to kill Venom because it wanted to be the last Symbiote left when an occurrence known as Spawning happened. Toxin had clearly lost his mind.

2. Larry

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Toxin seemed to like teasing Mulligan, and to be fair, the Symbiote was still rather young at the time, so some immature behavior is to be expected. One of the most amusing was when Toxin performed a fantastic prank at the worst conceivable time.

Because Mulligan did not allow Toxin to go evil and kill their opponents, one day when Mulligan wished to transform into Toxin, it opted to turn itself into an old man named Larry, making Mulligan furious.

1. A Hybrid Symbiote

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Actually, this is a pretty intriguing story. The FBI apprehended Eddie Brock, and Toxin was extracted from his body. It was held in a secure location and kept silent by employing Symbiote inhibitor medicines. When Carnage threatened Jubulile van Scotter, Eddie created an antidote to Toxin and offered it to her to give her the courage to defeat Carnage. As a result, Jubulile combined Toxin with her own Symbiote and another named Raze, resulting in a hybrid Symbiote.

Toxin has previously been mentioned as one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Symbiote ever. Whoever he links with gains superhuman talents right away, ranging from greater healing powers to psychic abilities to enhanced senses. In addition, the well-known spider-sense can be incorporated to the bracket. Toxin, like Eddie, had teeth that were not only menacing but also incredibly poisonous.

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