Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a Japanese non-television based, original net animation anime series. And do you know what makes it a great spin-off series? I guess our answers are same- Its amazing events that would absolutely ‘never ever’ happen in the main series. And now, another such event we have is the team-up between Super Saiyan God Trunks and Super Saiyan 4 Vegito.

The Dark Dimension Arc

The Dark King- Mechikabura
The Dark King- Mechikabura

The Dark Dimension Arc was undoubtedly an amazing story arc. Getting the Xeno versions of the Z fighters to go on war with the dimension flooding with powerful demon warriors. The tag team of Trunks and Vegito was surely warranted in attempting to bring down Mechikabura, who was considered the king of the dark dimension.

The Dark Demon Dimension was one of the biggest threats ever established in the history of Dragon Ball Heroes. As the denizens were searching for the Dark Dragon Balls so that they could rule The Universe. But now, with introducing new characters and even a return of the demon Dabura, with a power-up given over here, Xeno Warriors definitely had a never seen before threat on their hands.

The Twist

Goku is now, Not the first Super Saiyan God.

The Xeno reality is truly a fascinating one, as the events seem to lean closer to Dragon Ball GT’s events. Also, because of the exclusion of the Super Saiyan Blue and the addition of Super Saiyan 4 transformation, this reality is a bit different. Here, Goku isn’t the first to become a Super Saiyan God, but the Xeno version of Trunks is, and this makes the events of the Xeno-Verse different up to another level from what we’ve known earlier in the main franchise.

The Suspense and Situations

Trunks and Vegitos Tag-team -Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Trunks and Vegitos Tag-team -Super Dragon Ball Heroes

With the teaming up of Vegito and Trunks against Mechikabura bringing down the demon king will be quite easy. Also, delivering a harsh defeat to the demon dimension is expected. But, what if the creatures living within the dimension have hatched out a plan of their own? And if it is not enough yet, we get to know that Fu was himself a demon originally! And now, Fu is swearing to even his revengeful term against the Xeno fighters who destroyed his home.

Not only the Demons, but the Gods of destruction are entering the fray! What do you think about the team-up? Let us know! And to know more, stay tuned.

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