The first Twilight novel by Stephenie Meyer was first released in 2005. It’s turned 15 in 2020, and we have had 3 more novels and 5 movies added to the Saga.


Meyer even went on to finally release the Edward Cullen POV counterpart of the first Twilight novel – Midnight Sun in August of 2020, which had been in the works for more than 10 years. Ardent fans of the books and movies had been hounding the author to release Midnight Sun for years now; and in 2020, the project finally saw the light.

The Twilight Saga till date is one of the most popular Y/A novels; and movies went on to become some of the highest grossing movies in Hollywood history, especially given it is of the teen romance genre. And the main pair of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have gone on to act in some really major movies since the franchise.


Fans still hold events and trivia about the series, and there are people who know everything there is to know about this franchise; maybe even more than Meyer herself. Amongst all the details there is to know about them, is of course the vampire covens.

The Cullen Family was not the only vampires in existence. There were quite a few others scattered across the globe, and we tried to bring them all together here. So here are all the Twilight covens mentioned in the books as well as movies; and how they are all a little different from each other.

  1. The Olympic Coven


The Olympic coven is what we all know as the Cullen family. Carlisle Cullen – the leader, Esme – his wife, and their “adopted children” – Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper.  In the family – Edward and Alice are both gifted vampires – Edward can hear thoughts and Alice can see the future.

The Cullens are what they call vegetarians, and only drink animal blood, which makes them unusual. Their eyes are golden instead of the typical red, which also sets them apart from other vampires. By the end of the movie, Bella – Edward’s now wife, and their hybrid daughter Renesmee, also become part of this coven. Both mother and daughter turn out to be gifted vampires.

  1. The Volturi Coven


The Volturi’s are like the vampire royalty. They are the largest vampire covens, and also the most powerful. The coven is headed by three “brothers” – Aro, Caius and Marcus, and Aro and Caius’ wives –Sulpicia and Athenodora.

They are known as the law enforcers in the vampire society, who look to it that no vampire breaks any laws. The coven also has three most powerful vampires in existence – Chelsea and the wonder twins – Alec and Jane, along with multiple other guards.

  1. The Denali Coven


The Denalis, like the Cullens are also “vegetarians”, but unlike the Cullens they were not always like that. The Denalis changed their way of life after coming in contact with Carlisle and his family before seeing a different path to lead their lives.

The Coven consists of Eleazer and Carmen – a mated pair, and the three Denali sisters – Tania, Irina and Kate. Irina dies at the hands of the Volturi, in the last Twilight movie; and a nomad named Garrett joins the coven by the end after falling in love with Kate,

  1. The Amazon Coven


The Amazon coven lives in the rain forests of South Africa and has three “sisters” – Zafrina, Kachiri and Senna. Although Kachiri is their leader and creator, Zafrina is gifted one; and can make others see whatever she wishes them to.

But the Amazons rarely interact with others – humans and vampires alike, unless they are hunting. By the end of the movie Nahuel – a hybrid and his aunt Huilen also become closely connected with the Amazon coven.

  1. The Egyptian Coven


The Egyptian coven consists of two mated pairs – Amun and his wife Kebi, as well as Benjamin and Tia. Amun is their leader, and after creating Benjamin when he seen how gifted the vampire is, he hides them away to keep away from Volturis.

Although they drink human blood, they are more civilized and live amongst humans. Benjamin can control the four elements – Air, Water, Earth and Fire – and when the covens come to aid the Cullens in their fight against the Volturis, Renesmee is instantly fascinated by Benjamin’s powers.

  1. The Romanian Coven


The Romanian coven was once the leader of the vampires, before the Volturis killed most of them and took over. The Romanians weren’t very keen on secrecy and didn’t bother hiding from humans what they were, instead spent their time enjoying life. Which basically led to their downfall.

After the death of most of their coven members, two vampires – Stefan and Vladimir are left, who move from place to place. And they want nothing more than to take revenge on the Volturis for what was done to them.

  1. The Irish Coven


The Irish coven has three members – Siobhan – their leader, her mate Liam, and Maggie. Out of the three, Maggie I a gifted vampire, and can tell when anyone is lying when she hears them. Although they too drink human blood, the Irish are civilized and live peacefully with humans.

When Maggie decides to stay and help the Cullens against the Volturis, Siobhan is apprehensive. But Carlisle persuades her to wish for a better outcome to the conflict without bloodshed, and things end up happening almost exactly how she imagined. It is possible she has a gift of her own.

  1. The Mexican Coven


The Mexican coven was led by Maria. Her two companions – Lucy and Nettie, along with an army of new born vampires hat she used, to take back her land. Jasper Whitlock was also created by her, and was her best soldier as well as lover, but he soon left her and the coven to start a new life.

On the way he met Alice, who becomes his partner and the duo join the Cullens. Two former members of the Mexican coven – Peter and Charlotte , drop by during Breaking Dawn to help Jasper and the Cullens against the Volturi but end up leaving before it could get to that.

  1. The Nomads


Nomads are vampires without covens. In the very first book/ movie we meet three nomads – James, Victoria and Laurent. James is killed by Edward, Laurent leaves and joins the Denalis for a while before he too is killed by the Quileute wolf pack during the events of New Moon.

Victoria too is killed by Edwards after raising an army of new born vampires to kill the Cullens. There are a few other nomads like Alistair and Garrett as well. While Alistair flees in fear of the Volturis, Garrett stays and ends up joining the Denali coven at the end.

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