The Flash wrapped up filming last October and since then actor Ezra Miller has been involved in several acts of violence and misconduct. Recently, The Direct reported that the release of The Flash has been delayed to June 2023 and whenever the film releases, it will be the last time Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen.

Ezra Miller has been accused of inappropriate behavior by many people

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller

Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii this year and charged with disorderly conduct. Then recently, the actor was accused of grooming Native American activist Tokata Iron Eyes who met Ezra Miller when Iron Eyes was 12 and Ezra Miller was 23. Another case came forward only a few weeks after this, a Greenfield District Court granted an unnamed Western Massachusetts mother a temporary order of protection on behalf of her 12-year-old child against Ezra Miller after they misbehaved with the child. The actor shared a barrage of memes in reaction to accusations of grooming and later deleted their Instagram account.

Fans share their opinions on who should take over the role after Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller as The Flash

Fans of the franchise hope that Ezra Miller can be replaced by someone else and give their opinions on who should take over the role after Warner Bros. cuts ties with Ezra Miller.

A lot of people suggested that Grant Gustin should replace Ezra Miller as he has more than a decade of experience in the role already. He played Barry Allen for nearly 200 episodes on The CW’s The Flash.

Lucas Till joined the discussion as fans said he should take up the role. He played Alex Summer/Havoc in the first three X-Men prequel films from 2011 to 2016 for 20th Century Fox.

Another actor that fans would like to see as the Flash is Dylan O’Brien

After his terrific performance in Netflix’s Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery is another actor that fans would like to see as the Flash.

Who will play the next Flash?

DC project The Flash
DC project: The Flash

Due to the controversies caused by Ezra Miller, there is no doubt that the actors’ time in the role appears to be near an end. With the next year being very crucial for Warner Bros’ public image as The Flash prepares for its release, they will have to do something about it. Currently, there are no other appearances set for Ezra Miller as the Flash after next year’s solo movie, plus there are no other confirmed release dates for any DCEU projects after that time either. So it’s obvious that Warner Bros. is looking for a replacement.

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