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Elon Musk, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Laura Sanko was the first female commentator of UFC. Laura was previously a mixed martial artist and is now a known name in the UFC broadcasting team. She first worked with Invicta FC, then she went viral for kissing Tonya Avenger. This came to notice by UFC and she’s worked with them since. Her success came with her journey from fighter to commentator. She is now a well-known name in this industry.

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Laura Sanko kissing Tonya Avenger during an interview which went viral

Laura took to Instagram to Show Her ‘Bruise Hiding’ Makeup Tricks

Sanko got the fan’s attention with her recent post with a before and after photo. Laura Sanko put up a photo of her before and after, one with a bruised face which she got during a friendly match and the other picture of her with her full face of makeup where the bruises are nowhere to be visible. The UFC commentator expresses in the same post that her makeup artist was up for a task the morning she came for work, but her talent well covered her prominent bruise. She thanks her fans for following the Amber and Johnny trial as this has made everyone aware of bruise covering with makeup, also thanks Amber for the same 

Sanko in the same post mentioned Amber Heard, mockingly thanking her because people have become experts on covering bruises because of her and Johnny Depp’s infamous trial.

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Source: Instagram

Laura Sanko also praised her makeup artist Giraldo, “I knew she would save me but even I was blown away!!! The bruise colouring was very deep and she took her time and made it literally disappear! She truly is an artist in every sense of the word.”

She also mentions that she thanks her fans for following the infamous Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial as following the trial many people are aware of the bruise covering technique. During the Heard and Depp trial, bruise covering is highly talked about as Amber claims Depp gave her bruises before ‘The late late show’ which her makeup artist concealed with her expertise and techniques, which is why her face looked flawless during the interview. Amber also claimed Depp threw a phone at her leading to swelling on her face. 

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Amber heard’s bruised face after fight with Depp, Her face after makeup the next day.

Laura Sanko has surely received fan attention after this post about her transformation after having visible injuries on her face. Also her mocking message to Amber has really caught everyone’s eye.

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