The world of Umbrella Academy is a world of betrayal, intrigue, and devastating super powers that the individuals possessing these powers walking weapons of mass destruction.

Vanya – Foresight

umbrella academy vanya visions

Vanya’s abilities run deeper than any of the Hargreeves children. She was the one who led to the Apocalypse devastating the planet and leaving it in ruins. There is a secondary ability locked deep within Vanya that she unlocks when she is captured by the FBI. The FBI inject a mixture of drugs into her and Vanya is able to access the ability of foresight. She starts experiencing hallucinations that are later discovered to be visions. This is a potential ability Vanya might develop later as part of a secondary mutation of some sort.

Diego – Trajectory Manipulation

umbrella academy diego

Diego is basically the Hawkeye of the group. The power to manipulate the trajectory of the projectiles he throws makes him an excellent marksman. His enemies never see him coming since the knives he throws twist and curve in ways that is not physically possible. Diego is also a capable close quarter combatant. If his projectiles fail him, he can switch to a hand to hand martial art to take down his foes. The reason he scores so low on this list is because even though his powers look and sound very cool, knives really can’t stop a person who can travel across time or use sound energy to destroy the world.

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Luther – Super Strength

umbrella academy luther

Luther has the power of a brute. His super strength makes him a tough hand to hand combatant. Luther went on a mission alone where he almost died and Reginald injected him with an experimental serum that healed him, enhanced his strength even further, and gave him the physiology of a gorilla. Luther’s main contribution to the team is his leadership skills. Granted his super strength has come in handy many times but when compared to the rest of his team mates’ powers, his abilities are nothing to boast about.

Ben – Creature Transformation

umbrella academy ben

Ben is the deceased member of the Umbrella Academy. Nobody knows what Ben’s powers actually are. What we know so far is that the guy can either summon a giant tentacle creature or him-self get transformed into one. The monster that is summoned or transformed is deadly and can take out multiple opponents at the same time. Ben’s ability is still unexplored. Maybe he could transform into other monsters. And if he actually summons them, then can he summon other monsters as well?? Guess we will have to wait to find that out. For now, we have only seen a glimpse of his abilities When Klaus summoned his spirit and channeled his powers from the land of the dead.

Allison – Rumor

umbrella academy allison 1

Allison’s superhuman power of suggestion makes her a force to be reckoned with. She just has to utter “I heard a rumor” and the enemy is pretty much toast. She does not even need to lift a finger. All she needs to do is say those words and she can turn her enemies against each other as she watches from afar. The only weakness Allison has is if she is vocally impeded, she cannot user her Rumor powers. But if she decides to play the long game, subtly manipulating things from afar then could anyone really stop her?

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Five – Time Travel

umbrella academy five

Number Five’s ability to jump through time is what started everything in the first place. Unlike the others, Five never got a real name. But what he does have some serious offensive abilities. Five’s ability has two facets. By momentarily displacing himself across time and space, Five can mimic the power of teleportation. This allows him to sneak up to enemies and kill them quickly. If he uses his power to jump a longer distance, he ends up in the past or the future depending on the jump’s intensity. Five’s powers are still developing. They may be the most potent ability in the show but the young boy is still blossoming. Because of this, an over usage of his powers led to him being stranded in a post-apocalyptic future.

Lila – Power Mimicry

umbrella academy lila

Lila was introduced in the third episode of season two. She makes a quick connection with Diego but everything is shattered when it is revealed that she is an Agent of the Handler. Lila has the ability to mimic the powers of other super humans. When you are fighting a superhuman that can copy your superpowers, that is pretty much checkmate. Lila’s powers have the potential to be explored further. Her ability makes her extremely formidable. She is immune to Vanya’s Sound powers and Allison’s suggestions. Who knows what else she is capable of!!

Klaus – Connection to the Dead

umbrella academy klaus power

When the first season began, we never really thought Klaus had an ability that would ever be useful in combat. He could talk to dead spirits. That was his only skill. A ghost whisperer never really stopped bullets. The voices of the dead pushed him to near insanity so he fell into a life of drugs and alcohol to drown those noises. It is in the last episode that we realize that Klaus has perhaps some of the most powerful abilities in the series. He can channel the powers of the dead. Klaus used it to channel’s Ben’s powers to take down his enemies. His powers are also great for collecting information and surveillance. All he needs to do is sober up.

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Vanya – Sonic Energy Manipulation

umbrella academy vanya sound

Vanya’s powers make her near invincible. She has the power to tap into ambient sonic energy and use it to affect the world around him. It was Vanya’s ability that led to the Apocalypse in Season 1. It was also what started World War 3 in Season 2. Vanya’s powers are locked onto her emotions. If she manages to lose control of her emotions, then she becomes a ticking time bomb. Vanya is known to use her violin to produce sonic energy she can use for offensive abilities. She can even use sources of sound as minuscule as a heartbeat, which beats faster when she is scared or angry for devastating effects.

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