The Uncharted series is gaining traction as a result of the impending film version starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. The franchise is regarded as Naughty Dog’s best work, following the narrative of treasure seeker Nathan Drake across the world.

With fans expecting the film’s debut and wondering how the characters will be transformed, it’s worth revisiting their intellectual strong points. To clarify, the major characters include protagonists such as Nathan, Sam, Chloe, and others, although the principal villains of each main entry also qualify because they were primarily responsible for setting the plotlines in action.

5. Victor Sullivan


Sully’s IQ is a bit of a mixed bag, as he was proven to be too sharp to fall for young Nathan’s naive child act and to have had a career as a treasure hunter. However, he was also foolish enough to inform Gabriel Roman about El Dorado before discovering it, and he was ignorant during the Shambhala quest.

Sully’s intelligence is comparable to Sam’s in that he understands who to deceive, how, when, and where. Sully managed to get into Marlowe’s, Rafe’s, and Nadine’s good graces before they discovered what he was up to. He was also the only one who could ever come up with an escape strategy, and the heroes nearly always survived because of him.

4. Elena Fisher

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Despite having no prior expertise with treasure hunting, Elena found herself in a slew of them and fared far better than most. She was brilliant only because she was aware that she lacked the athletic prowess of the others, which is why she focused on planning.

Elena was critical to Nathan’s fourth-game attempts to reach Sam, having outwitted Nadine’s men to penetrate the island and take their equipment. However, she can be somewhat stupid early in the series, with Elena being misled by Nathan and Sully in the first game and nearly losing her life twice because she didn’t understand the enemies were ready to assault her.

3. Chloe Frazer


Chloe was a self-assured, competent treasure hunter who was aware of her own skills and flaws. She was aware that she wasn’t as bright as Nathan when it came to puzzle-solving and used her skills to distract Lazarevic’s soldiers in the second game, as well as manipulate Harry Flynn.

Chloe was established as capable even without the Drake brothers’ backing as part of her major role in The Lost Legacy since she was the one who cracked the clues to discovering the tusk. Chloe recognized Asav was too strong to combat, so she devised a plot to destroy him by teaming up with Nadine.

2. Atoq Navarro


Because Navarro’s villainy appeared late in the first game, he was easily disregarded by Uncharted fans, but he was undeniably astute. Navarro pretended to be a servant to Gabriel Roman the entire game, only to show himself as the genius who knew El Dorado was cursed and planned to sell it as a biological weapon.

Everyone was taken aback by Navarro’s deceit, which he had been discreetly planning the entire time. His intellect was displayed during the climactic confrontation when he took cover to attempt to stealthily take down Nate, but he was outsmarted by the protagonist, causing him to be beaten and plunge to his doom.

1. Nathan Drake

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Nate was usually portrayed as an Everyman character, in the sense that he was unpretentious, humble, and nice in general. But when it came to conquering hurdles, there was no one better than Nate, who solved every single hint and conundrum that came his way during the series.

He was extraordinarily fast to improvise, escaping with his life and the lives of his pals by coming up with ideas on the spur of the moment. Nate survived frigid tundras, blistering deserts, dense woods, and more because he was a wise guy who always sought for a way out.

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