Batman: The Animated Series is still considered by a lot of people as the essential feather in DC’s cap. The series managed to be universally accessible, which at the time for a superhero show was unheard of. Even some episodes of the show are just as intense as they were before because you don’t need to cater to kids. After all, superheroes aren’t necessarily for them exclusively so it’s more about writing stories that are relevant for adults too and not focusing on selling toys or crossovers like nowadays. With that being said, here’s a list of 5 underrated superhero animated shows that are just good as Batman: TAS

Spectacular Spider-Man

Spider-Man: The Animated Series is liked by everyone. It’s widely celebrated among Disney and comic fans alike. But in 2008, Hollywood tried again with an updated version – Spectacular Spider-Man. This rebooted version stayed true to the original series as far as developing complex relationships between other characters, for example, Green Goblin and Harry Osborn. It’s still widely praised by fans and critics alike.

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Marvel’s Spectacular Spider-Man is as better as Batman's The Animated Series
Marvel’s Spectacular Spider-Man

Batman Beyond

DC’s Batman Beyond stood as a postscript to the tale of Bruce Wayne. Set thirty years in the future, The new Gotham seemed much more debauched and dramatic than before (though still with some of its familiar elements). People craved something different, which is exactly what they got, as Batman Beyond was a futuristic twist on an old classic. When fans first saw it they were unsure of what to think at first but soon enough they came to love it just as much if not more than its predecessor. Many fans loved the older Bruce Wayne but preferred that this tale be set in a cyberpunk atmosphere rather than his traditional version of Gotham City from earlier series’ because the updated aesthetics contributed to how well the story told itself.

Batman Beyond is as better as Batman's The Animated Series
Batman Beyond


Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 is a popular cartoon series, not just in the US, but around the world. A lot of people grew up watching Ben 10 after school with their siblings, cousins, and friends. The show features a boy named Ben Tennyson who one day finds a mysterious device called an Omnitrix, which brings all kinds of alien DNA to Earth! Ben and his cousin Gwen use this device to capture what could only be described as aliens from outer space – these cool bad guys come from every corner of the galaxy to try to take over or destroy our planet! But Ben and Gwen thwart their plans every time! The franchise has gone on for more than 10 years now because fans love it so much.

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Ben10 is as better as Batman's The Animated Series

Batman: Brave And The Bold

Batman is a proof that even in the most serious of all superhero worlds; a lighter tone can find success. In fact, when a darker interpretation doesn’t work, viewers won’t watch. Producers intended the Brave and the Bold as both a celebration of all things Batman and as an introduction to ways different from the comics can take the figure. This show has been renewed multiple times. Of course, we understand some people might have disliked it as well. But that happens with all quality products.

Brave and the Bold is as better as Batman's The Animated Series
DC’s Batman: Brave and the Bold

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ’03

There isn’t that much of a story to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ’03, but it’s a treat for anyone who grew up reading the comics. The Turtle characters are pretty much exactly like their earlier incarnation. But the different alien planets and weird travel stuff gave it a surreal edge. It has some great fight scenes too, with truly memorable moments.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is as better as Batman's The Animated Series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 03

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