An infant member of the Monster-Verse, Minilla is a lesser-known but fairly interesting character from the Godzilla Universe. Here are a few intriguing facts surrounding Minilla, Son Of Godzilla.

Originated From Godzilla Junior

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Before they thought up Minilla, there was already a Godzilla predecessor for the Toho movies. Godzilla Junior was developed by Kazue Kiba for the 1967 film Two Godzillas: japan S.O.S! Godzilla Junior had blue skin instead of the regular greyish black and thirty meters tall. The monster looked juvenile and smaller than the actual Godzilla. The idea for Minilla came after Godzilla Junior got positive responses from the viewers. but unlike its inspiration, Minilla was more altruistic and benevolent in nature. He also had a different origin story.

Has His Own Movie

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Son Of Godzilla is a movie that was released in 1967. The idea for a mini Godzilla came into being way before the movie’s release date. To be exact, Minilla was in the cards three years prior to the movie’s 1967 schedule. Despite being a relatively unknown figure in the Toho Universe, Minilla has already featured in almost a dozen Toho movies and more than half a dozen video games as a playable character.

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Portrayed On Screen By A Professional Wrestler

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The face of Minilla was based on the popular character of Chibita from the cult-classic Manga Osomatsu Kun. The Titan’s head and body suit was designed by legendary costume designer Teizo Toshimitsu. According to the stories, the suit was so thick and small that only a chosen few could fit in. Only a very small man could fit into the suit. So Professional Wrestler Masao Fukazawa was hired to play him on screen. In the stage, his title is literally – “Little Man Machan”.

Really Popular Amongst Women

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Toho realized that the Godzilla movies appealed to a general set of audiences comprising mostly of men. most of his movies are made for the male audience. But Minilla proved to be an exception. He was the first titan who was a hit amongst the women. As a result, Toho asked the studio to include the character in the movie Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla II. he also made an appearance in Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla. He had different names throughout these projects ranging from Baby Godzilla to Little Godzilla.

Displays Human-Like Behaviors And Emotions

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Minilla shows a surprisingly high amount of friendly attitude towards humans than the other monsters of the Showa Godzilla movies. That is the reason why he is portrayed as a playful and joyful character. Among all the titanic monsters we have seen in the movies, it is Minila that has showed signs of humanity. The range of emotions he has shown range from rage, to happiness and frustration.

He Is Adopted

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It is never explicitly stated that Godzilla is Minilla’s biological father. His actual origin story was Minilla cracking himself out of an egg. But that origin story was ret-conned. Yet none of the monster movies in the Show or Millennium series gave us a clear cut answer. Minilla is later revealed to be adopted by Godzilla. Toho’s English Language Website and The Official Godzilla Compendium have both confirmed this fact about Minilla.

His Primary Power – Atomic Smoke Rings

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While his father can fire powerful mountain smashing Atomic breath, Minilla uses his powers for a different kind of attack. He creates atomic smoke rings. These rings latch on to the enemy and strangle them to death.  In the movie Destroy All Monsters, Minila fired his atomic smoke ring at King Ghidorah. The smoke ring was strong enough to strangle him and send Ghidorah to an early grave.

Can Shrink Down To Human Size

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In the movie All Monsters Attack, Minilla is shown to have a unique super power. The Titan an shrink its body down to human size. He can make himself small enough to ride in the back of a small truck. The monster can grow from 1.6 meters tall to 20 meters tall in a matter of a few seconds. No other monster from the Toho Verse has shown such an affinity to size manipulation.

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Was Once A Villain

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Greenman was an old superhero classic series airing in Japan. Greenman was a superhero like Ultra-Man who could fight other monsters and protect humanity. A darker and more evil version of Minilla debuted in Episode 46 of Go! Greenman. He was used as a ploy by the super villain Maoh to retrieve the blood of his children to reverse his banishment from the human civilization. After Minilla was defeated by Greenman, Maoh killed him for failing the mission.

Communicates With Godzilla Telepathically

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Minilla and Godzilla talk via a form of telepathy. It employs brain-wave transmission over radio frequencies. Their telepathic communication thus affects radio transmissions. Even equipment like radar and radio transmitters do not function properly when Minilla is around.

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