After the news who the showrunner would be, namely Rick and Morty writer Michael Waldon, the first plot details for the Loki Disney Plus streaming series are turning up online.

Here’s Everything We Know About Loki TV Series

Waldon will serve not only as the showrunner but also will write the pilot, act as show creator and will be an executive producer of the series.

Loki TV show
Loki T.V. Series

I hear you think; ”but wait a minute, isn’t Loki dead? Was he not killed by Thanos?” It seems that Marvel has found a way around the death of Loki in the blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, by making this new show.

It was already made known that Tom Hiddleston would return in the role that made him famous.

The show is said to follow the god of mischief, going through the history of humankind to sprinkle his influence on big historical events(via THR).

We can only imagine which events will get a touch of Loki. The description that is making the round on the internet does mention Loki as a shapeshifter, an ability he has shown in the comics as well in the MCU.

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Here’s How Things Might Play Out

The rumor floating around is that we could see a childlike, a female and possibly an LGBT version of Loki.

Tom Hiddleston would presumably act as a kind of narrator. If this is true, we could see different versions of Loki played by different actors.

Retroactively Marvel studios retcon the history of Earth, by throwing in the Asgardian Trickster. This gives me the vibe of a Marvel version of Doctor Who.

This could prove to be an interesting twist to the saga of Loki. I do hope they would also enter the rest of the Nine Realms since we have only glimpsed what that could be like.

They have a lot to pull from, not only from comic lore but also from the deep history of the Viking lore and Norse gods.

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There, Loki has been known to tamper with humans and events all throughout history.

Could you imagine Loki influencing JFK? Or maybe the assassin who shot him?. Picture Loki being present at the time of writing the declaration of independence, or Loki was Deep throat in the Reagan era.

Loki talking to big names from history, there are so many options where he could pop up his head.

Every week it could be a totally different story.

Let’s hope that there will be a red line throughout the episodes, so we can get a finale episode that really delivers a punch. Loki is a character that deserves a rich development.

I’m just glad that at least they have Loki himself onboard. I could not imagine a Loki mini-series without the man who everybody thinks of when they say Loki.

Ever since his breakout role in Thor and the Avengers movies, he is Loki personified.

To me this is a show I am looking forward too, see where they would take us.

What are you looking forward to this new series?

When more information will be made public we will keep you updated!

Sources: Collider, Digital Spy

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