The saga that is War Of The Realms has just pulled Venom into its midst by giving Eddie Brock a symbiote monstrous new suit. It was handed to him by Malekith’s War Witches. The sorcerers hope that he would turn out to be an agent of evil and fight for the Dark Elf Malekith in the war.

Venom #13 cover
Venom #13 cover

The Good Guy- Is It Venom Or Is It Eddie?

There is just one snag in that plan- this new, magical venom symbiote isn’t only an updated look. This is ALL Eddie. Which means that there’s no symbiote to communicate with or one which can alter his memories and emotions into a force for good. The result of this? A savage and brutal version of Venom who is hell bent on murder.

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This just ends up proving once and for all that it is Venom who is truly heroic.

How Did It Come To Be So?

Eddie recently found out that his symbiote had been tampering with his memories, manufacturing a dead sister and uncle to cripple Eddie with guilt, falsifying his cancer diagnosis and even keeping him from knowing that he had a son whose name was Dylan Brock (who was being raised and abused by Eddie’s father).

So, out of anger at being manipulated by the symbiote, Eddie decided to permanently separate from it. The Symbiote survives that separation and he is last seen walking into the crowd in a human form. On the other hand, Eddie is almost killed during the separation. This is all bad (or convenient) timing as the world goes to hell in the War of The Realms.

Eddie’s new found parental instincts kick in and he tries to keep both himself and his son alive with Malkeith’s army running loose through the city. He tries to do it all without his symbiote. But even without the symbiote enhancing his abilities, Eddie still wants to come out on top as a hero. So he takes on three dark elves while the civilians try to escape potential slaughter.

The War Witches Get To Eddie

But all of Eddie’s attempt at heroics serve to catch the attention of Malekith’s war witches, who offer Eddie a dream stone which is supposed to give life to desires and dreams. In such a situation, Eddie wants a weapon: his symbiote. Eddie’s wishes are granted and he is given a dark magic symbiote which is “same…but different” from his old partner.

Eddie is all alone in the suit
Eddie is all alone in the suit in Venom #13

In it, Eddie is all alone in his dark suit without the voice of the symbiote and it seems like the actions he undertakes are all his own. The war witch who gave him the stone, leaves out a crucial bit of information- that he must use his gifts in the name of Malekith’s crusade. This is obviously an offer which Eddie refuses.

After ensuring that his son is indeed safely locked away, Venom goes back into action. But there’s more which is driving him than just the need to protect the innocent. So once he leaps into the fight, he fully succumbs to his need to hunt, and also to kill. Wielding a sword and an axe, the new Venom begins to decimate a group of trolls, dark elves and Asagardian enemies.

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Eddie then discovers that this new suit is full of hate and anger. Also the voices in his head which seem to be screaming at him to kill, very soon resolve to be just one- his own.

Is Eddie Really The Bad Guy In All This? 

Elsewhere, the witch seems to confirm that Eddie is indeed out of control and is all on his own. So the question remains- was it Eddie who was wanting to kill all this time when he was with the symbiote? Or was there dark magic within the new suit which was pushing him to the very extreme? Atleast, Eddie is back as Venom, and the title refers to just him for now.

Venom #13 is currently in comic book shops and Marvel’s digital library.

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