Spoiler Alert for Venom ahead.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are at a point where they expect nothing but quality with every movie that the studio releases. The quality content constitutes of clever plots which could either be entirely new and unexpected or be retaining the classic comic touch of it. It is fun with way. After all, the more the Easter Eggs, the better it is.
Ruben Fleischer, director of Sony’s new Venom film very openly accepted the comic book’s influence on the movie. His devotion to the comics was clear after he himself revealed a few Easter eggs even before the movie hit the theatres. Paying tribute to the Venom comic book series, we know that the Venom miniseries of 1993 is where the basic plot of the movie is taken from. Fleischer purposely packed the movie with a lot of Easter Eggs including the one that involves Anne, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife, becoming the She-Venom.

Given below are a few Easter Eggs that you might have missed. Read and see how much you caught.

8. Deja Vu Feels

jameson animated series

During one of his outer space missions, John Jameson ended up finding the Moon Gem which helped him transform into a werewolf kind of creature aka Man-Wolf. This was in the 1990s when Marvel took their chances to go big and new after the Comic Code went easy on zombies, werewolves and vampires.
Putting a more direct reference to the 1990s Spider-Man Animated Series, we know about the time when Jameson’s mission to outer space actually ended with bringing the Venom symbiote back to the Earth. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this entire scenario Happened around the same time.

7. Old Friends


The Daily Globe existed in Amazing Spider-Man even before the introduction of Eddie Brock. Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in Amazing Spider-Man #27 made Peter Parker grow tired of using J. Jonah Jameson. After deciding to sell his photographs as Spider-Man to a different newspaper, Peter came across Barney Bushkin. However, Peter also turned him down after some time after Bushkin became unnecessarily nosy about how Peter got his hands on the photographs in the first place.
In the film, Bushkin gets a reference after he becomes Eddie Brock’s editor.

6. Eddie and Weightlifting

brock dumbbells

We know that after being fired from Daily Globe, Eddie Brock’s escape from the harsh reality and the pain eventually turned out to be weightlifting. As strange as it sounds, there was nothing in particular that weightlifting would contribute to his life. But gradually, it became an obsession with Eddie and a part of his story. This started after he was arrested as Venom. It helped him channel his anger and pain into something else.
This weightlifting obsession of Eddie’s was subtly referred to in the movie when dumbbells were seen lying around in his apartment.

5. Donna Diego

donna diego

Michelle Lee’s appearance in the very initial Venom trailer led to everyone believing that she’d be playing Scream in the Venom movie. It turned out, that she was just another host for the Riot symbiote. She is not listed as anyone in the credits either.
However, one of the hosts was identified as Donna Diego in the credits. As the comics are concerned, Donna Diego worked for the Life Foundation as a security guard, who volunteered to become Scream after bonding with her symbiote. She later when crazy and tried to off the other symbiotes.

4. Tribute to the Law Firm

michelinie mcfarlane law firm

It was on the last page of Amazing Spider-Man #299, where Venom initially appeared. The second issue among the acclaimed series by David Michelinie (writer) and Todd McFarlane (artist), we can say that these two men were the co-creators of Venom.
Tribute to these wonderful men has been paid on the movie by having Michelle Williams’ Anne Weying work for a law firm of Micheline and McFarlane. Life Foundation is represented by the same firm.

3. Makes You Scream!


According to the Venkm miniseries, the Venom symbiote was forcefully used by the Life Foundation to spawn other five symbiotes. A rather weird treatment was given to the five symbiotes and they weren’t even named until they made their action figures. Among the other five, the one that emerged notably was Scream.
In the movie, there is a brief appearance of Scream where we see that the Life Foundation was trying to make one out of the five symbiotes work. It was later seen trying to bond with a rabbit. It was unsuccessful.

2. Craving Chocolates

venom hunger

Initially, after Venom’s introduction, it was made a big deal about how Venom loves to eat people’s brains when originally, it was just something that he said to scare people away. However, this idea changed after, in the miniseries, Venom: The Hunger, he actually started eating people’s brains. It was later revealed that he did that because of a certain chemical found in people’s brains which were also present in chocolates.
There is a subtle reference to this in the movies when Venom agrees not to eat people anymore by saying “chocolate and tater tots”.

1. The Quote Made It

venom quote

Fleischer made it clear how much he wanted to keep the essence of the classic comic book series. There were certain dialogues straight from the stories. Among which, was when Venom threatens a random guy and says, “Eyes, lungs, pancreas. So many snacks… so little time.”
This dialogue used in the storyline by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley was what, that led to the creation of the Venom mini-series. Although it was Spider-Man that Venom said this dialogue to, but what matters is, he said it.

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