Sony has successfully launched its Universe of Marvel Characters with Venom, as the film looks forward to a massive weekend.

Initial reports suggested that Venom is probably expecting a $60 million-plus opening but the film is now projected to beat those expectations and make around $80 million. The film is currently facing competition from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper starrer “A Star Is Born”, which will make around $42.2 million over the first weekend.

Even if these estimated numbers go down for Venom, the film will easily overtake the prior record for October set by 2013’s Gravity ($55.7 million). Venom opened for a surprising $32.9 million on Friday breaking the record of Paranormal Activity 3, which saw an opening of $26.3 million.

Despite the bad CGI in the trailer and the mispronunciation of “symbiote” in the film, all of this doesn’t really seem to harm Venom’s opening. The film’s current score on Rotten Tomatoes is 89%, which is quite high from its critical score of 31%.

Venom is running in theatres now.

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