The new Venom comic by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman has become a fan favourite after just seven issues. Many issues have already gone into their second, third and even fourth printings.

The series changed everything we knew about Venom, establishing Eddie Brock as a hero than a villain. The issues have also veered away from superheroics into horror. Now, Eddie might be a good guy but he’s still bonded to a vicious alien. We also learn about Symbiote God Knull and Grendel, but Venom is still a monster himself, something that Venom Annual #1 reminds us.

Venom Annual #1 is compiled of four short stories. The Bar With No Name sees a lot of old-school Spidey villains like Scorpion, Shocker, Boomerang and Black Cat. These villains meet and talk about how scary Venom is while many argue that he isn’t scary at all.

Out of all the villains present, Mac Gargan’s Scorpion is the most vocal and dangerous. No matter what story is told in the issue, Gargan doesn’t agree that Venom is scary.

It’s only when Gargan turns around and faces a shadow that Gargan is forced to realise how wrong he is. Eddie may not be there but the symbiote was and he wastes no time to explain why everyone should be scared of him, wrapping his tongue around Gargan.

While the scene doesn’t show Venom explicitly eating Gargan, the outcome is strongly implied. So we might have just seen the end to a classic Spidey villain at the hands of Venom.

In Venom #7, we learned that the symbiote carried an unconscious Eddie around the country for five weeks. So we don’t know what might have happened in those five weeks but it’s probable that he might have “eaten” someone.

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