James Gunn officially revealed the cast for The Suicide Squad on Friday and in the graphic that was shared, Suicide Squad alum Jared Leto was noticeably absent. That’s when Daredevil star Vincent D’Onofrio took to Twitter to point out the glaring omission. Now, there’s quite the hubbub surrounding the tweeting incident.

In the now-deleted tweet, the Daredevil alum pointed out Leto seemingly wasn’t part of the follow-up, which some Leto fans apparently thought was a dicey thing to say. That’s when the actor deleted the tweet, only to follow it up Saturday night with an explanation tweet — something else leading into some confrontations between D’Onfrio and Leto fans.

Fans tweeting about the actor


That’s when a few Leto fans started tweeting at the actor, accosting him for both deleting the tweet and telling him he was disingenuous about the situation.

Actor not a part of cast, reasons unknown


It’s unknown why Leto isn’t part of the cast, especially after stars like Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang), and Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag). It’s still a bit of a confusing situation as Warner Brothers isn’t calling the movie a reboot — nor are they calling it a sequel.

No news about a sequel

Vincent DOnofrio Says Jared Leto’s Joker NOT in The Suicide Squad FIGHTS His Fans After
Jared Leto in Suicide Squad


“It’s called The Suicide Squad,” DCEU producer Peter Safran — and James Gunn’s manager — had previously told. “It’s not Suicide Squad 2. It is not a sequel. I will leave that alone but, yes, it’s called The Suicide Squad.”

Source: Comicbook, Heroichollywood


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