Dora, the explorer is one of the most-watched animation shows that was first launched in August 2000 and broadcast on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. During its telecast, the production enjoyed great acceptance, making the adventurous girl known throughout the world. The ‘How did Dora the Explorer die’ trend jeopardizes breach of the sanctity of childhood memories. 

Did Dora ever die?

Dora The Explorer
Dora The Explorer

The titular character did not die in the show and Dora the Explorer aired for an impressive run of 19 years, from 2000 to 2019. The franchise ended with its own movie. Netizens started searching for how Dora died and recorded themselves before and after for the viral tik tok trend.

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Tik Tok and Dora’s Death Trend

The video had users showing their expressions before and after looking up how Dora the explorer died and their reactions ranged from singing along to the music to their mouths gaping as they read the theories surrounding Dora’s ultimate end. Tik Tok user, Talia Lopes participated in the trend and shared a video that got over 500k followers. The video went viral, gaining over 3 million views and over 8,000 comments with users sharing answers they got after looking the question up.


Theories about Dora’s Death

Celebrating Dora the Explorer's 15th anniversary:

Upon searching on the internet, users found a fandom page that mentioned ‘Dora Kill Count -17,’ listing out 17 different death scenarios for Dora The Explorer. Some of the other gruesome premonitions cited in the comments on the trend include being Pushed into quicksand by Boots, Falling to her death when her parachute failed to open, being Knocked into a river by Swiper and drowned, and being Disintegrated by a lightning bolt.

Dora’s final screen presence

Dora The Explorer
Dora The Explorer Movie

Intractable to the findings on Google and the TikTok trend on the platform, Dora did not die. The last episode of Dora the Explorer shows Dora having completed her mission, singing the famous Dora the Explorer song, We Did It. Meanwhile, Dora The Explorer’s film ended with Dora and her team completing an Incan mission.

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