MCU is surely entering a new era with its Phase 4. Before, it had never attempted to put spin off tv shows in the same continuity as the MCU. But the Marvel Disney+ shows are here to change that. Out of all the Marvel shows which are slated to premiere on the streaming service, WandaVision is probably the most anticipated one. From the alternate/pocket dimension storyline to its connection to Doctor Strange 2, WandaVision has managed to rile up the curiosity levels of MCU fans like no other show. Moreover, the stars of the show have claimed that the show is unlike anything else seen before in the MCU. Now a new rumour has suggested that a very interesting villain will be part of the show.

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Nightmare Comes To Torment WandaVision

It's time for wanda to experience some nightmares. Pic courtesy:
It’s time for wanda to experience some nightmares. Pic courtesy:

Film scooper Charles Murphy has claimed that Marvel villain Nightmare will be the antagonist of the WandaVision series. The reason to give this rumour the weight it deserves is because his previous scoops regarding the upcoming show have turned out to be right.

Nightmare Will Connect WandaVision And Doctor Strange 2

Nightmare's actions will probably unite Wanda and Doctor Strange. Pic courtesy:
Nightmare’s actions will probably unite Wanda and Doctor Strange. Pic courtesy:

Nightmare was originally the villain who was teased for Doctor Strange 2 by Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson. While there was no casting news of any kind but it now seems like they never really let go of the villain idea. Considering that WandaVision deals with Scarlet Witch’s unresolved emotions and love for Vision (who is dead for all intents and purposes in the MCU), it makes sense to have a villain named Nightmare who will probably imprison Wanda in her dream world. Maybe fans will get their “House of M” storyline after all if Wanda realizes that the perfect sitcom-esque married life with Vision was all just a dream.

Nightmare’s actions might be what connects WandaVision to Doctor Strange 2 since Wanda will probably need his help to deal with the villain. Or there were some reports earlier that Doctor Strange will appear in the last episode of the show to pull Wanda out of her dream life and into reality. So it could be that’s how it all connects to Doctor Strange 2. Everything gets more interesting when you remember that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki show also connects to Doctor Strange 2. At this point Doctor Strange 2 is the MCU movie to watch out for. 

WandaVision will premiere in Spring 2021, Loki will premiere in Spring 2021 as well.

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