It might be possible that Mark Wahlberg was the first choice of producers for playing Green Lantern in Justice League. The DCEU began in the year 2013 with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel but it was officially launched with 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. BvS not only to brought in Superman and Batman but also introduced Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman along with brief glimpses of other heroes like The Flash and Aquaman.

Ever since the film, DC fans have wondered which Green Lantern will DC choose to portray onscreen as well as who will go on to play the role. A number of actors have been previously rumoured to play the iconic role but there hasn’t been any concrete news about the titular role yet. We don’t even know if the studio is actually looking for someone or not at the moment but it looks like one of the producers already had a name in his mind.

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This revelation came via a new report from Mario Robles that states DC producer Charles Roven (Produced almost every DC film post Nolan’s Dark Night) wanted Mark Wahlberg to play Green Lantern in the DC extended universe. This rumour has neither been confirmed or denied by Warner Bros yet but an image that surfaced on the internet last month shows the entire cast of BvS pinned to the wall behind, with Wahlberg posing before it.

Even Mark Wahlberg posted a recent image on Instagram which seems like an old picture taken sometime around 2014, since Wahlberg is seen in long hair. He was filming Transformers: Age of Extinction at that time but ever since the picture has surfaced on the internet, fans have started wondering if Wahlberg really has any association with DCEU, if at all.

Since Snyder was initially working on DCEU’s future along with Roven, it makes sense that they could have handpicked Wahlberg to play Green Lantern, which makes sense keeping in mind the actor’s popularity. WB plans to make a Green Lantern Corps film in 2020, which will release after Justice League 2.

This photo is quite old now and it doesn’t seem like Wahlberg would be playing Green Lantern on big-screen any time soon but stay tuned with us for more update.

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