Kaley Cuoco is an American actress and producer. She first rose to fame in 2007 for her role as Penny in The Big Bang Theory.  After the series ended in 2019, Cuoco appeared in HBO’s The Flight Attendant. She has received many accolades for the role, including an Emmy nomination. Kaley Cuoco started dating Karl Cook in late 2016 and later married him in 2018. Although the couple announced their divorce in 2021, it wasn’t until a few months back that Cuoco moved on from her ex-husband.

Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco

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Kaley Cuoco tried Different Methods to deal with the Break-Up

After a painful end with Karl Cook, Cuoco revealed that she tried to throw herself into work. She told Variety that playing Cassie Bowden during that time was very tough for her. Her character in the show was also facing a similar situation as the actress was facing in real life. She said, “It was one of the hardest years of my life. Not only personally, but doing this character that was so tormented.

Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden
Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden

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The actress confessed, “It was really a super dark time.” She continued, “I was really, really, really struggling. A lot of tears.” Her mental state started having a physical effect on her body as well. The Lucky 13 actress said that she developed stress rash all over her body.

Help Came in Form of a Friend

Kaley Cuoco has been a long-time friend with Zosia Mamet who is also her filming partner on The Flight Attendant. The actress revealed that Mamet was living in an Airbnb and Cuoco asked her, “Why don’t you just move in with me?” The actress says that she really felt alone during the time and desperately needed a friend.

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Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey
The Actress has started dating Tom Pelphrey

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She even asked the producers of her show when it got out of hand to get her some help. To Cuoco’s surprise, everyone was willing to help her. The actress finally came out of it a few months back. She said, “And now I can tell other people that have the worst years of their life: It’s gonna get better.The Penthouse actress has started dating Tom Pelphrey recently.

Source: Variety

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