The first teaser trailer of Avengers: Endgame is already out and fans are more than hyped. The most excited fan for the upcoming film seems to be Kevin Smith: director, actor and a comics fanatic.

Smith took to YouTube to post a video of himself, reacting to the trailer and things got emotional. The video began with kid excited as a kid for the new trailer. Here’s what he said:

“I woke up at 6 AM this morning like Christmas,” he said, “The Avengers trailer was dropping and I knew it. I could feel it in my bones. I left a plate of cookies out for the Russo Brothers and, oh, did they deliver. They brought it, man.”

Smith called the trailer a “gift”. “I love this s**t,” he added, “It makes me feel young.”

In the video, Smith talks about how he’s filming a follow-up to Jay Andy Silent Bob Strike Back called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, something he’s been excited for since a few months. However, the actor claimed that he’s more excited for Endgame, and we can’t really blame him.

Smith played the trailer and commented along in his video, emphasising how cool it is to see the “first glimpse at the Marvel universe, post-snap.” The trailer opens with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) saying, “part of the journey is the end,” which Smith calls “freakking poetry.”

“They focused on our core survivors,” he adds, “haunted by the snap, or what they call in the Marvel Universe, ‘the decimation'”.

He also pointed out that Pepper Potts will be coming to save her beloved in then rescue armour sh*t. While many fans believe it will be Captain Marvel who will save Tony, Smith’s theory fits nicely into the early themes of the trailer.

“I would watch a whole movie of Tony Stark lost in space,” Smith adds, excitedly.

The most emotional moment for Smith comes when Ant-Man appears at the end of the trailer. Smith can’t get enough of how the serious two-minute trailer ended on such a funny note. “I get so freaking stupid emotional for this crap,” he said through tears, “Little Ant-Man is gonna save the day!”

He even played the trailer again, reacting to everything one more time, and then cried again when the Ant-Man appeared.

“Jack EM UP!,” he shouts at the screen. Honestly, if we weren’t already insanely jazzed to see this movie, Smith’s enthusiasm would be enough to convince us.

“I’m staying alive for this,” he joked, emphasizing again that this means more to him than his own film. “Hats off to Marvel.”

At the end of his video, Smith said, “I feel like I’ve just come 1,000 times. There it is. Thanks for watching.”

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