While Rocksteady Games is “without a doubt” not taking a shot at any DC Comics-related title (regardless of our wishes to see a Superman game from them), this shouldn’t imply that WB Montreal isn’t taking a shot at anything. Actually, it’s prodded once more that it has something Batman-related up its sleeves.

Recently, it was reported that the studio was teasing that it was working diligently on another Batman game, perhaps something identifying with the Court of Owls storyline. What’s more, presently another social post has gone up this month, indicating that big things are lining up for Batman: Arkham Origins developer one year from now.

Geoff Ellenor, who fills in as the game director for WB Montreal, conveyed a “holiday wish” to fans prior this month, highlighting various development members completing a speedy little dance. Nonetheless, upon a more look at the card, you’ll see something fairly intriguing here-a whiteboard with “redacted” on it.

Nothing has been affirmed yet, though. Taking into account that Arkham Origins has been a sleeper hit with gamers since its release a couple of years back, however, a follow-up from WB Montreal would be really valued.

We’ll keep you educated when official details are revealed. Meanwhile, make certain to look at Arkham Origins for PC and Xbox One, since it’s presently in reverse compatible. It’s on PlayStation 3 and Wii U also in the event that you have a craving for going old-school.

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