came across some job listings at WB Montreal, hinting that the studio behind Arkham Origins was returning for a new game with the Dark Knight.

More recently, the team welcomed Osama Dorias, senior game designer for WB Montreal on an episode of the Humans of Gaming podcast. He discussed different subjects on the episode, but he sort of spilled the beans on what he’s working on.

He revealed that he just finished work on an open-world DC Universe main “Console” game, and will not be heading for a different for the company.

He noted that he did work with some DC property, although he didn’t disclose anything much related to it. He added that his former Ubisoft colleague Geoff Ellenor was his inspiration for joining WB Montreal. Ellenor works at WB as a game director.

While many many might assume that a potential Batman game is underway, there’s some evidence hinting otherwise. Dorias’ social media accounts hint that a Superman game could be underway since his Instagram has recent images of the Man of Steel.

The team was indeed working on a Man of Steel project but it got canned before it actually came into fruition. So, is it possible that the company is working on two licensed DC properties? If this holds true, WB Games is yet to say a word, which they likely won’t for some time, until they’re pretty well under-development.

In the past, Rocksteady Games which made the Batman Arkham trilogy had their own Superman game under development, however, only for rumours to come up dry. Still, it’s clear that WB Montreal is certainly up to something and has been at it for some time now.

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