In the entertainment industry, Will Smith is an established actor who is renowned for his extraordinary talent. He has played a variety of parts throughout his thirty-year acting career, displaying his acting prowess. This Academy Award-winning actor has a long list of films to his credit, from moving dramas to exciting blockbusters.

Will Smith
Will Smith

He established himself as a true Hollywood legend. One film in particular, in which Smith excelled, became the second-highest-grossing film at the time it was released. One Marvel actor can’t seem to forgive himself for passing up the $815M movie role that he was initially offered.

Ethan Hawke turned down Will Smith’s $815M film because he didn’t like the script

Back in 1996, the mega-hit movie called Independence Day made Will Smith a big-time star. A lot of people are unaware that Ethan Hawke was initially approached for the starring part of Captain Steven Hiller before Will Smith accepted it. Since everyone adored his 1994 film Reality Bites, Ethan Hawke was already a well-known actor in those days. 20th Century Fox Studios was very interested in casting him in Independence Day.

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Will Smith in Independence Day
Will Smith in the movie Independence Day

But here’s the thing. When Ethan Hawke received the script for Independence Day, he didn’t like it at all. He thought it was a terrible movie and even made fun of it as they were driving. Among other things, he said in the video posted by Team Coco, “Isn’t this a bad line – ‘ET phone home’ – That’s stupid.” He flung the script out of the car onto the Texas highway because he was too arrogant and thought he was too cool for the movie. Later, Hawke came to understand his big mistake. Independence Day ended up becoming a huge success, and Will Smith, who was given the part in Hawke’s place, quickly rose to fame in Hollywood.

Ethan Hawke ultimately came to regret the decision he made

The Before series heartthrob, Ethan Hawke can’t seem to forgive himself for his decision to turn down the lead role in Independence Day.  Hawke went to the movies with his then-girlfriend and pals when Independence Day hit the theatres. Hawke recalled that the theater was packed. In an interview with Conan O’Brien which was posted by Team Coco, Hawke had said “We walk in and it’s sold out.” He added that there was a standing ovation when the film ended.

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Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke

He felt particularly foolish because everyone in the audience enjoyed the joke Hawke had earlier made fun of. At the end of the film, he remembered turning to his girlfriend and asking if it was truly that fantastic. He undoubtedly hoped she would say no. However, she remarked that it was really good. Ouch! That has to hurt!

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Independence Day turned out to be a massive hit, earning more than $815 million, and Will Smith, who took Hawke’s role, earned a huge sum of $5 million.  It was praised by the critics as well, and it was even nominated for and won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Hawke cannot forgive himself for the opportunity he missed.

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Source: Team Coco

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