Forget the popcorn buckets overflowing with analysis and the endless click-bait headlines. We’re going right to the source—the hard, cold cash that narrates the actual story. The question on everyone’s mind right now isn’t, “Is Will Smith’s latest action extravaganza good?” but rather, “How bad is it for the box office?”  

Will Smith
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence | Instagram

Buckle up, because the answer might have Hollywood rushing to produce sequels. With Bad Boys 5 rumors already swirling around, let’s look at the figures to see whether this dynamic pair is prepared to wreak havoc on the big screen once more! 

Bad Boys 4: Box Office Boom Shatters Records, Ignites Talk of Part 5

Will Smith | Picture by Gage Skidmore | Source: Wikimedia Commons
Will Smith | Picture by Gage Skidmore | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Forget the naysayers, Will Smith is back at the top! Bad Boys: Ride or Die shocked everyone by making a massive $105 million worldwide in its first weekend of release. This is a significant victory for the business, particularly in light of some underwhelming 2024 summer movies.

Let’s look at the stats to see how the Bad Boys destroyed the opposition. The film’s $56 million domestic launch weekend absolutely outclassed other franchises. Veteran box office performers like If ($8 million) and Garfield ($10 million), Disney and 20th Century’s sequel Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes ($5.4 million) were all insignificant in contrast. Even newcomers like The Watchers, with a $7 million budget, were unable to compete with Bad Boys. 

This box office success is all the more delightful in light of the recent failures. Despite receiving favorable reviews, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga ($4.2 million) and The Fall Guy ($2.7 million) underperformed. This striking contrast draws attention to the influence of well-known franchises like Bad Boys. According to Box Office censor media analyst Paul Dergarabedian

This box office hit is the best possible news. Bad Boys is the spark the industry needed! It seems like all we’ve been doing over the past few weeks and almost since the beginning of the year, with a couple of exceptions, is trying to figure out why seemingly well-marketed, well-reviewed movies have underperformed. 

Bad Boys blew the competition away with a $105 million worldwide debut and a $56 million domestic opening weekend. The film earned an incredible $21.6 million on Friday, $19.5 million on Saturday, and $14.9 million on Sunday during its first weekend of release in 3,885 theaters. This corresponds to the astounding $56 million first weekend gross in the United States. 

This financial result demonstrates the lasting appeal of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as well as the enormous strength of the Bad Boys brand. Needless to say, this kind of enthusiasm has sparked rumors of “Bad Boys 5,” and fans just can’t wait to see what mischief Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett get into next! 

Fans Defend Will Smith as “Bad Boys 4” Crushes Box Office

Will Smith, Bad Boys: Ride or Die
Will Smith, Bad Boys: Ride or Die | Wikimedia / Gage Skidmore

The film Bad Boys has done incredibly well—and fans didn’t fail to praise Smith. Despite the controversy involving the Gemini Man actor, netizens have shown their support, even calling out the Hollywood executives for their racist remarks. 

A post titled “Box Office Upset: Will Smith’s ‘Bad Boys 4’ Delivers Huge Victory for Actor With $56M U.S. Debut, $104.6M Globally” was posted on social media by The Hollywood Reporter. 

In response to the THR post, online commenters responded negatively to the message, asking what exactly about the film’s outstanding performance was so “upsetting.”

Without a shadow of a doubt, Bad Boys 4 shocked the box office this summer with a whopping $105 million global and a $56 million domestic opening weekend. This victory for Smith and Lawrence demonstrates the strength of established franchises and the influence of stars. Fans are now excitedly awaiting Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett’s next exciting adventure, with rumors of “Bad Boys 5” circulating.

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