Riverdale is one of those series that is difficult to discuss in isolation. Riverdale never fails to delight, with its fast pace and current “anything goes” approach toward narrative lines. Maybe not always excellent, but always entertaining. For a drama that began with the death of a high schooler, it has gone in unexpected places in Season 1. It’s almost as insane as Twin Peaks, but without the cosmic terror… sort of.

It’s the type of guilty pleasure program that leaves fans wondering what this has to do with the original Archie comics. There have been several perplexing plotlines that viewers are still not convinced truly transpired throughout the course of the show’s five seasons. Trying to explain them to someone out of context just adds to the bewilderment and humor. It’s not like context makes all that much of a difference.

The Organ Harvesting Cult

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The cult has arrived. Cult looks to be nice. Cult recruits everyone and then takes their organs? They even caused the principal of Riverdale High School to lose a hand. Yikes. It was a perplexing twist on the cult’s genuine goal.

But at the very least, it provided viewers with the classic sight of Betty showing Cheryl the harvested organs, which led to Cheryl’s badass battle out of the cult with her lover. And the head cultist attempted to flee on a rocket? Yeah. That is what happened.

Jughead’s Sister Became a Stalker


Jellybean, Jughead’s sister, was not getting enough attention from her brother. She is disappointed that he is leaving for college. So, what does this eighth-grader do? She organizes a group of her pals to film her siblings murdering people.

To top it all off, she stalks everyone in town and sends them VHS stalker movies. She simply misses her brother. It’s exactly what any sister would do in her situation.

Archie’s Fight With The Bear


Archie is chased out of town and forced to flee from Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s father, in one of the strangest plotlines. He becomes a park ranger in Canada at this time.

He is attacked by a bear and has near-death experiences with his friends and family. Why a teddy bear? We’re still not sure. Archie is now a 17-year-old on the run from the Riverdale mafia, hiding in Canada. And it’s only a one-episode deal. The bear is only mentioned in casual jokes after that.

Cheryl Kept Her Brother’s Body in Her House

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Jason Blossom is one of those characters that will never be forgotten. This is primarily because Cheryl feels compelled to bury her brother at least once a season. And, sure, she has done it several times in a season.

Cheryl may still be dealing with unfinished trauma from the deaths of her whole extended family in one way or another, but there are other methods to deal with that loss than graverobbing. There must be a therapist someplace in Riverdale.

Toni Almost Had A Threesome in The Auditorium


Toni wanting to have a threesome in the theatre to get revenge on Cheryl was the oddest sequence in Riverdale’s Heather episode. Toni reasoned that it was better to pick two random individuals, strip them naked, and then back out at the end.

Were they not concerned that someone would come in on them? They’re practically on the stage.

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