Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson have definitely got more than a boy-next-door bromance dynamic going on there. The two are best friends who face eerily similar domestic abuse charges by their former partners and both of them sued their partners for defaming them. The latest fiasco that they find themselves in, is about a set of leaked documents that have several text message exchanges between the two. The public flak has been hefty ever since these leaked conversations, that allegedly show Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson fetishizing the r*pe of minors, went viral.

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp
Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp, just friends?

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Marilyn Manson’s several confessions about Johnny Depp

The latest rumor making the rounds of the internet is that there’s a lot more beyond just friendship between the two. A TikTok video from an account named @_johnny_depp__ has gone viral. The video is a montage of different Marilyn Manson videos where he is talking about Johnny Depp in a more than affectionate manner, and a video of the two together on stage.


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The first clip shows an interviewer asking Manson if he’s married, to which the singer replied: “No, absolutely not. Except to Johnny. He gave me this ring on my middle finger, so” followed by both the interviewer and Manson sharing an awkward exchange of the word “nice” while Manson blushes and smiles.

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson
Is this the look of love?

The second clip is from a different Marilyn Manson interview, which starts abruptly with Manson saying, “Ohhhhh! Look at how cute he is” while holding up a picture of Johnny Depp. He further reveals, “We got matching tattoos… You know why? No f**king reason”. He then goes on, referencing the picture in his hand, “He looks sad there. You know why he is so sad? Because he is not with me right now. ‘Cause we’re best friends. We just wanna hold each other”, in a gushing tone. The fourth clip is from the same interview as the second and it shows Marilyn Manson confessing about Johnny Depp’s proposal to him. He says, “This ring had cocaine in it when Johnny Depp proposed to me.”

The third clip is Marilyn Manson making the bold statement, “It wouldn’t even make you gay if you had sex with Johnny Depp, because it’s Johnny Depp.”

The fifth clip shows Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp together on stage during a concert, where Manson says, “We’re all stars now in the Johnny Depp show… In the Depp show” while he affectionately touches Depp’s back and Depp leans towards Manson’s face either to say something in his ear or give him a peck on the cheek. Manson further says, “The most handsome and eligible bachelor on stage. Me. Second, Johnny Depp. Too bad we love each other solely” and the two embrace, and Manson continues, “It’s like you’re mine again”.

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson
Nothing’s wrong about kissing your homies, apparently…

The sixth clip is from the same interview that the first clip is from. The interviewer asks Manson, “Whose place is this?” Marilyn Manson says, “This house is one of Johnny Depp’s houses… I just bought a house and he said ‘Well, I just gave you this house’. And I said, ‘Well you could have told me a week ago motherf**ker. One week ago you could have told me. But thanks, so now I have two houses, so that’s pretty awesome.”

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Netizens call the two men “closeted bi dudes”

Apart from the viral TikTok video, there is a Twitter discussion thread started by an Amber Heard supporter, where people are articulately sharing their views on Depp and Manson’s intimacy and relationship.

Most of the people concur that the shreds of evidence and hints point that both the men are closeted bi-sexuals and that is the reason they take their frustration out on their openly bisexual partners.

The leaked chats where the two men allegedly talked about re-creating parts of Salò, a movie about mentally, physically, and sexually abusing children leaving out the “gay stuff” were also referenced. People inferred that the deliberate mentioning of “no gay stuff” was nothing other than overcompensation. Some people just expressed that the possibility doesn’t surprise them while some were utterly disgusted.

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