Imagine a world where comic books come to life. A world where people all around are captivated by the characters and stories. This world was created by the Scottish creative genius Mark Millar. He began his comic book career with the incredible superhero series The Authority. It was produced by DC Comics’ Wildstorm. Characters that would later become legendary came to life via every word he wrote and every sketch he created.

The magic of Mark Millar didn’t end there. With Marvel Knights Spider-Man and the thrilling Civil War series that rocked the comic industry, he made his mark on Marvel Comics. He also ventured into the DC universe, giving Swamp Thing a new spin and reworking Superman in the daring Superman: Red Son.

Millar World
Millar World

He invented fresh characters and brand-new settings. Through exciting movies, Kick-Ass and Kingsman become more than simply titles in our lives. But now the comic guru is saying that the comic book industry is on the verge of dying.

Mark Millar’s concerns regarding the comic book industry

Old Man Logan creator Mark Millar has issued a call to action for the industry. He recently made an appearance on the Thinking Critical channel, where he frankly shared his worries about the status of the business. He further claimed that it is currently going through its most difficult phase to date. Millar, who will be making his comeback to DC Comics with a Superman story, didn’t only voice his worries. He also announced a bold strategy to revitalize comics.

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Mark Millar
Mark Millar

He claims that the output from companies is far from its peak when discussing the current situation. It is a claim that many people agree with. In an effort to rekindle passion, Millar believes that a team approach is needed.

Millar underlines the need for more. He also acknowledges that there are a few jewels in the current landscape. He thinks the business needs not just good books, but great books as well 20 of them. Rod Lamberti, owner of Rodman Comics in Iowa, wrote a blog post about the drop in new comic sales. This means that the industry is at a crossroads.

Mark Millar has come up with a plan to save the industry

Mark Millar has a genuine concern about the comic book industry’s condition of decline. His immense love for the genre is what makes him so concerned. He calls attention to the urgent need for skilled professionals to come back. They could save a sector Millar says is going through its darkest time.

His plan for a comeback is straightforward yet profound. It is to collect together 20 legendary comic book writers and cast them alongside the best illustrators for two-year arcs at Marvel and DC. And it may also let in a period of amazing storytelling. For the industry, this renewal is vital according to Millar.

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Mark Millar
Mark Millar

This call to action from Millar reveals his love for the genre. He further says that there is a need for experienced professionals in the field. Millar says “We’ve got to man the stations.” Unity is the key. These legendary artists should come together and put their skills together to create amazing projects. It is then bound to rekindle the passion of both loyal fans and newcomers.

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Source: Bounding into Comics

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