Marvel Studio’s What If…? on Disney+  has been a hit among audiences giving the alternative scenarios on what could have happened if things didn’t turn out the way they did in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This week’s episode of What If…? brought the viewers to the world of Marvel Zombies and the fans a whole new fresh reason to hate Hank Pym. In the third episode of Marvel Studio’s very first animated series,  Hank Pym went on a murder spree killing most of the Avengers before they could assemble as revenge for the death of his daughter Hope Van Dyne who was a SHIELD agent who died in the field.
In this week’s episode, Pym is once again the main source of Marvel Universe’s problems; though this time; his involvement is much less deliberate.

In his attempt to rescue his wife, Janet  Van Dyne, from the Quantum Realm, he inadvertently brought the zombie apocalypse to Earth.

Regardless, some of the Marvel fans are sick of Hank Pym and have had enough of him (considering the fact that many Marvel Comics fans have had these sentiments for him for years) now that he is responsible for ruining not one but two different realities in the multiverse.
The fans are voicing their displeasure online and we have put together a few of them for you to read!

1. Tony ? What No? Hold My Beer!

2. The Blame Game? Or Was It Hank All Along?

3. Want To Blame Someone But Don’t Have Anyone To Blame? Always Blame Hank!


4. The More You Think About This, The Weirder It Gets.

5. After All, He Really Did Effed Up Everything


6. No Matter What, It Is Always Hank


7.  Maybe… Just Maybe This Could Be A Huge Hint At Something Comin Soon In The MCU? What Is Cooking Kevin ?? Spill It Out

8. He Just Keeps On Getting More and More Suspicious In Every Episode ! What Is The Hidden Deal?



9. We Can All Agree On This One; He Probably IS THE WORST


10. They Are Right! Doctor Strange And Hank Pym Can Certainly Team Up and End Up Making The Worst Reality Ever !


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