Marvel’s multiverse has been home to some amazing characters and storylines that have delighted many comic book readers over the years. Imagine them in fantasy or medieval settings.

Stories such as Heroes Return and Marvel 1602 have told stories with some of our favorite characters in fantasy or medieval settings.

There are also legions of fans and artists who constantly reimagine and reinterpret their favorite characters in these settings. Here are some of the best of the best.

Nate Hallinan’s Order of X


With clear cues from the Fox Studios X-Men movies, Nate Hallinan’s Order of X makes for a very compelling medieval story.

We’d definitely bu up to see our favorite mutants like this. Sir Patrick Stewart looks nothing short of epic.

Daniel Kamarudin’s Wizardly Vision


Daniel Kamarudin’s Vision is truly astounding (pun not intended). How’s this for a pitch: A wizard’s soul gets trapped inside an enchanted suit of armor.

He must protect his realm from threats that would harm it. Very Fullmetal Alchemist, isn’t it?

Denis Medri’s Medieval Avengers


Denis Medri’s Sketchbook approach to the big 3 of the Avengers is stunning. Sers Stark, Thor, and Rogers look like knights off to do the bidding of their lord. Or Avenge him.

Isikol’s Punisher Huntsman


The Punisher in any timeline or universe is downright intimidating.

Here’s Frank Castle, sending a chill down everyone’s spine as a huntsman or a mercenary, offering his services for money as he plots his revenge.

Kanthesis’s Lord Tony Stark


Game of Thrones anyone?

This piece was clearly inspired by G.R.R Martin’s world.

Let’s face it, Tony Stark would be a far more innovative ruler than any of the kingdoms of Westeros and Essors.

It also helps that his last name is that of a famous Westerosi house.

Pxpxp’s Sir Wolverine


Check out the full size of the image here.

The golden armor with dark shades are throwbacks to his comic-book uniform.

The pointed helmet as well as the claws are a dead giveaway for Wolverine, one of the most memorable X-men of all time.

Hunor Fogarasi’s Jester Pool



Could anyone imagine Deadpool as anything less than a court jester? It seems appropriate. However, this gives him an advantage over his enemies.

Thesqu’s Swashbuckling Spider-Man


Ah yes, the courageous Peter Parker as the Swashbuckling Spider-Man.

This piece is very reminiscent of Marvel 1602‘s Peter Parquagh, that universe’s Spider-Man. Thesqu’s Spider-Man has him swinging from wires instead of webs.

Oz of the Land’s Guardsman Groot and Rogue Rocket



Oz of the Land’s art of Groot and Rocket is just nothing short of cool.

Groot as a guardsman of some enchanted woods and rocket as his companion, armed to the teeth are ready to take down anyone who would attack them or their territories.

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