What if Warner brothers took over Marvel Studios? Would they have done a better job, bringing us a darker and grimmer version of the MCU? The results would have been pretty interesting.

Captain America: The First Avenger Would Have Been Really Really Dark


Captain America is the logical focal point for the MCU. No matter what studio takes up the reins, The First Avenger is how it begins. But the movie would have been darker than you could ever imagine. The First Avenger happened during World War Two. We could have expected a lot less humor and a lot more bullets flying as Captain America and the Howling Commandoes took the fight to the Nazis. Maybe Bucky would not have fallen to his death. We would have most probably seen Captain America captured and forced to watch as Arnim Zola tortures Bucky, dismembering his hand in the process. In the end, Cap would have still gone on ice but the victory would have been extremely pyrrhic.

The First Avenger Would Lead To The Winter Soldier

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The DCEU loves to keep things connected. Warner Brothers likes to address things as soon as possible. Since Cap would have lost Bucky in a rather painful and emotional manner, WB would try to cash in on the feels. Bucky would have resurfaced as the Winter Soldier in the second WB MCU movie. SHIELD, which is most likely going to appear in The First Avenger’s post credits scene, would be revealed to be compromised from the very beginning. Hydra never died, It only grew when Cap went to sleep in the Arctic. Captain America would have lost the battle with Hydra. Cap, Falcon, Natasha, and Sharon Carter would have retreated to safer location. The location would be revealed to be Wakanda, Nick Fury asking the African Nation to provide safe passage and shelter to the Secret Avenger to repay an old debt the Wakandans owed him.

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Phase 1 Ends With Civil War. But The Heroes That Participate Are Fewer

Captain America: Civil War was a debacle in many ways. It could not even capture one per cent of the epic saga that was the comic book story line. WB would have ended Phase 1 with Civil War. But they would have botched up the movie too. In an effort to cash grab, Civil War would have been launched prematurely. The Wakandans led by Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, and the Falcon would manage to gain a few more allies. The Hulk and Spider-Man would have joined on their side. Hydra’s forces would have Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Ant-Man (Hank Pym – who is blackmailed into working for Hydra). Winter Soldier would lead the charge and in the climax, would have his Darth Vader moment and then change sides. Hydra loses but nobody shouts Martha – SUCH A SHAME.

Solo Movies Galore – Spider-Man, Hulk & Thor

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Spider-Man would have already been introduced in Civil War. Due to the popularity of the character, WB would have pushed for a solo Spider-Man movie.  Instead of how the MCU Spider-Man movies are – family friendly and humorous, the WB Spider-Man movie would touch upon grimmer elements. Uncle Ben’s death would be highlighted in detail. Spider-Man would most likely fight a street level super-villain like Kingpin in his solo movie. WB would have worked out a deal with Universal and pushed for a solo Hulk movie. Expect a movie that symbolizes the eternal struggle between the Man and the Monster. Eric Bana’s Hulk movie would be used as the template. The villain of the Hulk movie would probably be the Leader. By this time, Warner Brothers would also be pushing for a Thor movie showcasing how the God of Thunder is now a commoner, having been cast out from Asgard. Expect Loki to be the villain of the Thor solo film.

Phase 2 begins With Iron Man

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Iron man would be the next superhero in line to be included into the Avengers. Post an Iron Man solo movie showing his origin story, Tony Stark would be made a member of the Avengers. But Tony’s motivations to join the Avengers is more towards keeping the Avengers contained. he would voice his opinion against vigilantism and take steps to ensure they never go out of line. The big bad wolf of Phase 2 would be A.I.M , led by Baron Strucker – infamous ex-Hydra general who escaped after Hydra’s defeat in Civil War. WB likes to work on predictable patterns. Instead of fighting one being, the avengers would be fighting entire evil organizations. A.I.M would be the logical successor to Hydra.

Deadpool and Loki Solo Movies – Non Canon

Deadpool and Loki feature

WB loves making non-canon superhero movies that have nothing to do with the mainstream continuity. Two projects they might be looking forward to now is a solo movie on Loki and a Deadpool movie. Both would be rated R and have heightened amounts of extreme, gory violence and dark humor.

Phase 2 Ends With Age Of Ultron

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All the A.I.M ever wanted was a way to take over the world in the most bloodless and efficient manner. They knew information is power so with a kidnapped Hank Pym (who was missing ever since Phase 1’s Civil War), they force the genius scientist to spearhead Project Ultron. The evil A.I ends up rebelling against its captors after watching them kill Hank Pym since he was no longer required. Ultron uses A.I.M’s laboratories to create an army of robot drones and takes over the entire internet, pushing human civilization back into the dark ages. The avengers – Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Falcon, Black panther, the falcon, the Winter Soldier and the rest have a last stand against Ultron’s forces in New York. The Battle Of New York leads to the death of Iron man and Captain America. But Ultron is defeated.

Phase 3 Begins With A Surprise

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The battle Of new York leads to widespread fallout and public backlash against the Avengers, who are held responsible for all the chaos. All the countries come together in the UN, where a well-known super villain makes his official Marvel debut. Doctor Doom, leader of Latveria, pushes for the Latveria Accords, a bill that will severely curtail the power of the Avengers. A leaderless team of Avengers watches helplessly as the world governments decide to disband the group. Just Like Doctor Doom wanted. He had been secretly funding Hydra and A.I.M all this time to weaken the Avengers. When the Avengers find out the truth, the ensuing battle leads to the death of Black Widow, who sacrifices herself to let the others escape.

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Secret Wars Instead Of Infinity War

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Doctor Doom had been in search of the Tesseract, the Cosmic Cube that was first shown in The First Avenger. With the Avengers (previous owners of the Cube – it was kept locked inside the Avengers Tower) now dealt with, Doom is free to do as he pleases. Using the power of the Cosmic Cube, Doom warps reality as he sees fit. The Universe is turned into Battleworld – a mashup of different timelines and realities. The Avengers do their best to lead the rebellion against God Emperor Doom. All hope is lost until two familiar faces return. Iron man and Captain America return from the dead. Since Battleworld takes pieces from different timelines, one of those timelines from the past was when Captain America and Tony stark were still alive. Th final battle against Doom, led by the Super soldier and the Armored Avenger, is a success. The Cosmic Cube returns the world back to normal but Captain America and Iron Man bid their farewell since they have no place in the new timeline.

Phase 4 Kicks Off With The X-Men (& A Black Widow Solo Movie – Black Widow 1994)

X Men MCU Talks Have Been Long and Ongoing Amongst Marvel

We guess you can figure out the rest.

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