Adult Comedy shows which relate to the real world and characters are fun to watch as it gives relatability and people find them interesting. But this hasn’t been the case recently, one of the shows which often comes in controversies has mocked a famous personality and this has been all overspread.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

Celebrities can be sensitive to criticism too, and seeing themselves portrayed in a cartoon even if it’s meant to be humorous can evoke negative emotions and feelings of vulnerability. As mentioned earlier a famous personality being mocked by a well-known Adult Comedy show is what we gonna see here.

Andrew Tate took to his Twitter, Responded to a show South Park For Mocking Him

 Andrew Tate in a South Park episode
Andrew Tate in a South Park episode

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Adult Comedy show South Park has Pricked the former kickboxer, Andrew Tate using a character based on him. The episode called Spring Break in this show, centers on dad Randy Marsh who is determined to spend the holiday period partying and drinking. But he gets fed up with his “nerdy” son and friend. Randy Marsh pleads with Alonzo Fineski based on Tate to help him.

Randy says: “Look, I’m just trying to combat the messages that the liberal left is putting out to young men about their male instincts being toxic.”I’m trying to show my son and his nerdy little friend what a real party is because society wants them to be ashamed of their masculine natures.”

Alonzo, holding a gun and a cigar, replies: “I will call some friends.” In a later scene, police officers burst into the party and one tells Alonzo to “freeze”, adding: “That’s Alonzo Fineski, the Romanian s*x trafficker.” Alonzo swears and the pair get into a gunfight before he flees.

After watching this Andrew Tate posted on Twitter saying:

“When I will be proven innocent, I look forward to help create the greatest South Park episode of all time.”

Here is his Twitter post:

What Made Andrew Tate a Controversial Influencer

Andrew Tate: Controversial influencer
Andrew Tate: Controversial influencer

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Andrew Tate is a highly known influencer of this time as he’s been making headlines for quite suspicious and startling things. He is also considered one of the richest self-made social media personalities by Forbes, who successfully operates over 12 businesses across 30 countries and has a Net Worth of $900 million.

Tate has been going through numerous trials and cases concerning s*x trafficking and r*pe but nothing has been proved yet as he is on home arrest. In August 2022, following an online campaign to deplatform him, Andrew Tate was permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram, losing 4.7 million followers. TikTok, where videos featuring Tate’s name as a hashtag have been viewed over 13 billion times, also removed his account after determining that it violated their policies.

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