Celebrities often make headlines for their personal lives and controversies about them. Such is the Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, who has been all over social media platforms for months for his looks, charm, and acting skills. His recent movie got him a huge fanbase.

spanish actor Gabriel Guevara
Gabriel Guevara

But it’s not as glittery as it looks now because, in this article, we examine Gabriel Guevara’s romantic history and shed light on his connection to Nicole Wallace. Their love story, nevertheless, is not without its dark moments as they struggle to get through a trying time defined by accusations of sexual assault.

Gabriel Guevara’s Dating Journey

Gabriel Guevara's girlfriend
Agostina Goñi

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Agostina Goñi, an Argentinean learning to be a journalist who is 21 years old, was the subject of rumors that Gabriel Guevara and she formerly had a romance. Guevara and Goñi were spotted expressing love while out and about in Madrid. They appeared to enjoy one other’s company as they were caught kissing at a café. Goñi has a sizable social media following and is a skilled influencer and community manager. On social media, she has several followers and has posted a variety of content, including pictures from her photo shoots she does. However, their relationship did not last long, and they eventually broke up.

There were suspicions that Guevara and Nicole Wallace, who played his on-screen love interest in the film My Fault which was a massive hit and was quite controversial, are dating in real life. Guevara hasn’t made his girlfriend known in the media, but the two are close, which has sparked speculation that they go beyond friendship. The relationship allegations have not been substantiated by any actor, who has kept secrets from the public and nothing could prove that the co-stars are dating and neither have they denied the rumors.

Gabriel Guevara Arrested Day Before Receiving Award

Spanish Actor Gabriel Guevara
Gabriel Guevara

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Spanish Actor Gabriel Guevara’s fate took a U-turn as the actor was supposed to be awarded on September 3 but got arrested instead. At the Venice Film Festival, Guevara was detained. He is best known as the lead in the popular My Fault Teens movie series on Prime Video. For an alleged s*xual assault in France, Guevara was the subject of an active international warrant. The arrest, which was first reported by Venice newspaper La Nuova, was verified by Venice police. Before the extradition process can start, the court of appeals will decide his case.

At this time, no other information about the assault or the arrest has been made available. A day before he was scheduled to collect a Best Young Actor award from Filming Italy on Sunday, September 3, Guevara was detained by Italian state police in Venice on Saturday, September 2, and as a result, the actor’s award was canceled. The 80th Venice International Film Festival released a statement on its official X account, stating that it,

“Would like to specify that the presence in #Venice of Spanish actor #GabrielGuevara, that some press websites have recently reported as being under arrest, was not linked to any activity or production of the 80th Venice International Film Festival.”

Gabriel Guevara’s award has been canceled since his arrest and no further detail regarding the arrest has been disclosed yet.

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