The highly-awaited One Piece live-action series has been making headlines since its triumphant Netflix premiere. Following the announcement of a second season, fans are eager to learn more about the returning cast members. One such figure who has drawn in viewers is the formidable pirate queen Alvida and how she is portrayed on-screen.

Alvida as in seen in the anime (Credits: Toei Animation)

For the uninformed, Alvida, also referred to as Alvida the Iron Mace, is a supporting character in Eiichiro Oda’s well-known manga and anime series One Piece. Initially portrayed as a powerful foe who has been oppressing the East Blue, she is the captain of the Alvida Pirates. Alvida is a large, menacing woman with amazing physical strength and a strong physique.

Alvida’s Actress Sheds Weight Ahead Of One Piece Season 2

Alvida in anime
Alvida as seen in anime post time skip (Credits: Toei Animation)

Alvida’s life dramatically changes upon meeting Monkey D. Luffy. Alvida is forced to leave her pirate ship and run after Luffy defeats her. She undergoes a dramatic transformation; she loses a lot of weight and becomes a slim and gorgeous woman.

The properties of the Smooth-Smooth Fruit (Sube Sube no Mi) Devil Fruit, which Alvida eats, are said to be responsible for this change. She can make her skin extremely smooth and slippery with the fruit so that any object or attack will slide off her without hurting her.

American actress Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, 29, plays the role of Alvida in the live-action adaption. Paulino seemed to have lost a large amount of weight, based on a snapshot uploaded recently by the One Piece fan account @pewpiece.

Paulino’s physical transformation has led many fans to speculate that she is getting ready to return for her role as Alvida in the upcoming One Piece live-action series’ second season. The One Piece fandom has undoubtedly become more interested in Paulino due to his changed appearance, even if the production team has not yet provided an official confirmation.

Alvida Will Look Different In One Piece Season 2

Alvida in Netflix
Alvida in Netflix’s One Piece live action (Credits: Netflix)

The Straw Hats will be making a guest appearance in Loguetown, the town where Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King, passed away and urged would-be explorers to locate his treasure, the One Piece. Paulino’s new images on social media indicate she’s prepared to embrace the more toned version of her character when the Netflix live-action adaption comes back.

Netflix has yet to reveal when One Piece‘s live-action second season will arrive on its platform, but filming is set to start this summer. Aside from Alvida’s return, the upcoming season will most likely feature the introductions of characters such as Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Princess Vivi, Crocodile, Ace, and more.

Although actors and actresses are dedicated to their roles, Paulino takes it to the next level and shows her dedication to her role. As One Piece gears up for the next season, fans can’t wait to see what this new journey will bring!

You can watch Season 1 of One Piece on Netflix.

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