Kim Kardashian is one of the leading ladies in the Hollywood industry. With the status of a billionaire, she is dominating the world with her different business ventures apart from the usual drama she is famous for. With the TV reality star getting popular due to her personal life, it would be not an exaggeration if she would be named the most famous woman on the planet.

Kim Kardashian
American socialite, Kim Kardashian

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Well, it is something similar to what Joe Rogan said in 2014 when he joked about her during his standup act. It is well known that the socialite first gained fame when her NSFW tape was released back in the 2000s. Here’s how the UFC commentator used the piece of truth to throw shades at the mother of four.

Joe Rogan Joked on Kim Kardashian Being Popular Woman Across The Globe

Joe Rogan
Podcaster, Joe Rogan

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The 55-year-old comedian is known for commenting on various topics and celebrities. He has often thrown shades at American TV reality star, Kim Kardashian just like he mentioned her once in a 2014 standup act where he opened how it would be rather difficult for us(humans) to explain to aliens the reason behind the latter’s immense popularity.

Joe Rogan shared,

“If aliens came down here and we had to explain human culture, what would be the most confusing thing to explain? Kim Kardashian. It’s not even a joke. Not there’s anything wrong with her. She seems like a reasonable, nice person.” 

Clarifying that he has no problems with the socialite, he added,

“But if you had to explain why she’s the most famous woman on the planet, it would be a little difficult. If they were like, what’s going on? Why her?”

He continued,

“Who’s more famous? Oprah, no s*x tape. She wins.”

He continued,

“In Kim’s case, she f**ked this black eye with a giant. D*ck, and she filmed it. And then it got on the Internet, and she was like, Heather, get up there.”

He added, how the mother of four made 50 times more” revenue than the President of the United States just with the s*x tape. 

A Brief Note on Ray-J and Kim Kardashian’s NSFW Tape

Ray-J and Kim Kardashian
Ray-J and Kim Kardashian

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The 42-year-old SKIMS founder and singer Ray J dated each other in the early 2000s and ended their on-and-off relationship in 2007 when the ex-couple made headlines due to their infamous tape. It was filmed during a vacation in Mexico in 2003. Due to the infamous film, she gained further prominence and went on to rise to fame with her family reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The s*x tape had been back in the headlines several times which re-emerged when the socialite shared how her ex-husband Kanye West brought the other tapes back after meeting with Ray J.

However, the 41-year-old rapper denied the claims stating that he never had a single tape in his possession slamming his former girlfriend for keeping those tapes in her house.

Even her mother, Kris Jenner was also dragged into the controversy with the rapper stating that she was the one who planned the whole thing with her daughter at the time. It gained major highlight when Jenner last year denied being involved in leaking her daughter’s s*x tape.

No matter what the results might be, it is for sure that the Kardashian getting immensely influential on the planet has a lot to do with the infamous tape.

Source: Aliens and Kim Kardashian

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