Up until a few months back, Invincible enjoyed the top spot on the list of animated series that completely redefined the genre and delighted fans beyond compare. However, with the release of X-Men ‘97, the top spot was contested owing to its glowing reviews and thrilling storyline.

Now that X-Men ‘97 Season 1 has wrapped up, fans are more convinced than ever that the Marvel animated show is one of the best in the genre. It has upped the ante for Invincible which is currently working on its season 3.

X-Men ‘97 Dethrones Invincible from Number 1 Spot

Cable in X-Men '97
Cable in X-Men ’97 | via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Fans of superhero shows based on comic books are having a gala time as great series like X-Men ‘97 and Invincible have been premiering and narrating smashing stories of menacing villains and mighty heroes. Invincible premiered on Prime Video, showcasing a unique story of Mark Grayson and his superhero dad Omni-Man. Two seasons of the show have been released and have successfully impressed fans with fast-paced storytelling and intriguing characters.

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However, with the recent release of X-Men ‘97, fans have been swayed in a completely different direction. With extensive plot arcs and every hero getting their own purpose in the story, X-Men ‘97 has redefined how animation can sometimes exceed the realms of reality and showcase the story wonderfully. X-Men have been a beloved team of superheroes from the Marvel comics but this latest show portrays them in a new light that juggles protecting the realm and shielding the mutants from evil humans.

Now, fans are urging Invincible to not take years to make season 3 and work harder to make it better than X-Men ‘97. Invincible has a great star cast and the story is incredible, all it lacks is finesse in animation and action sequences which are the foundation of such shows. Fans hope they put some more work into it and create a more polished season 3.

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Invincible Season 3 Release Date

Invincible on Prime Video
Invincible on Prime Video | Amazon MGM

One of the biggest complaints fans have had with Invincible is the large gap between seasons 1 and 2. Even showrunner Robert Kirkman agreed that there was a huge timeline issue and season 2 production needed some time to complete. However, they seem to be learning from their mistakes as Kirkman revealed to Variety that the work on season 3 is going at full pace and will be complete soon.

I understand that when you’re enjoying a thing and it gets taken away and given back to you at a later date — not the best. But it was a necessity for the production of season 2. Overall, I think it went well. The response to the last half of season 2 has very much been, ‘Wish there hadn’t been a split, love the last half of season 2.’ We’re still hitting number one on the Amazon platform. I don’t think it caused any real, lasting detriment to the show.

A still from Invincible season 1
A still from Invincible season 1 | Amazon MGM

The exact date for the Invincible season 3 premiere remains to be announced as of yet. Our best guess is that the show will be released on Prime Video mid or late next year. On the other hand, fans also don’t want the Prime Video show to rush through the process and give a season that does not land well on all fronts.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Invincible are streaming on Prime Video.

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