Swamp Thing was positioned to be a beast hit for DC Universe. The show made a 92% fresh score with doubters on Rotten Tomatoes.

Expectations concerning Swamp Thing

Why DC Universe's greatest show was Swamp Thing
Why is Swamp Thing getting cancelled?

Fan enthusiasm for the project was high, considering that Aquaman director James Wan was the program’s exec manufacturer. Sadly, Swamp Thing was terminated after only one episode had broadcast, and this killed a lot of the series’ energy. The cancellation is regrettable because Swamp Point provides a unique graphics adjustment. While Swamp Thing is nominally a superhero, he isn’t a standard one, having been birthed of the 1970s scary rebirth that saw comics with monstrous heroes prosper. This was due to a changing set of Comics Code Authority standards that allowed vampires, werewolves, and similar monsters to be shown in CCA Authorized comics as well as depicted as the heroes.

Swamp Thing compared to other DC Universe Programs"<yoastmark

Swamp Thing is unique because it’s a horror show initially and a superhero tale second. The body horror element of Dr Alec Holland’s becoming the Swamp Thing is one more element of the program that has floated behind-the-scenes of every episode given in the pilot. Another thing that separates Swamp Thing from other DC Universe programs is the movie-quality production.

Reason for cancellation of Swamp Thing

DC World and Warner Bros. have yet to state why the show’s run was interrupted. Whatever the reason, it was a depressing day for horror followers when DC World introduced that Swamp Thing was being cancelled. Hopes are high that an 11th-hour wonder might bring the show back from the verge of fatality, like Alec Holland himself. Perhaps Swamp Thing might rise once more as well as make a look in Legends of Tomorrow.


With the fantastic Swamp Thing trailer that DC released, it is difficult to understand why the series was cut short.
Watch the trailer here:

Source: Screenrant, The Verge


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