With James Gunn been fired from Guardians of the Galaxy3, Disney does not seem to intend to bring him back to work. However, it is strange how they do not mind using his scripts which means his name will be published on the finished product.

The question only lies in the fact that if Disney so intends to remove James Gunn then why not remove him entirely?

Even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is no big deal to watch directors being removed from their post.

Gunn had already turned in the first draft of his script back in June, and while some rumours suggest that Disney would be moving ahead without Gunn, it came as a shock to see that he was still writing the scripts and finishing the story somehow. This also shows that Disney might not be intending to work with him in public but they do not mind his help behind the cameras.

If Gunn’s name is too offensive for Disney to leave attached to a family friendly movie, then why is it not too offensive to leave on the script? Moreover, it was Gunn’s writing that pushed us into the mess in the first place, then why is Disney not concerned about removing his name from the scripts too?

While the requirements for screen credit from the Directors Guild of America is actually cut and dry about who does and does not get credit for directing a movie, the Writers Guild is slightly more complexed. Nothing like the DGA, the WGA gives credit for partial work.

A writer can surprisingly get credit for a script even if he hasn’t even read one if only the character they originally created appears on the screen and inspires.  Having written both Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 and on having written at least a complete draft for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, he may not own the actual Guardians IP, the amount of work Disney would have to go through to make sure Gunn didn’t get credit would still be massive, and even that wouldn’t guarantee if they could successfully keep his name out of the credits.

Many movies have similarly complexing writing credits, and a writer will always get the benefit when writing an original story comes to

Not only did Gunn submit the first draft of the script but also it is sure that in case, Disney decided to have it rewritten, they would be concluding it on Gunn ’s writings. At this point, it is possibly tough to push out Gunn’s from the movie and writing a story with that intent is sure to be a complete failure.

If only the options are rewriting the entire script with the intention of getting Gunn out of the credits while having him to get credited anyway and just be grateful to Gunn’s scripts, but with a different director showing their face on interviews, the other option plays hold more relevance for Disney.

Outside of the two options, Disney’s only substitutes are to cancel the movie altogether which is difficult or to simply roll the characters into another movie, like Thor 4, as secondary characters.

While the next option sounds better and should be regarded, it will not provide an easy way to wrap up the current case. Obviously, it can be true that Disney does not really intend to part ways with Gunn or fire him as a director is merely to gain public attention. Moreover, by keeping him going as a scriptwriter where his talents lie, can be a way of keeping him involved in the MCU.

It always seems quite possible that Disney might bring Gunn back but it’s just not the case for as of now. The credits go to the hasty firing of Gunn that cannot lead him to come back so soon. Moreover, no matter the case, Disney is evidently adamant about their decision.

Disney’s haste to throw Gunn out may have resulted in them looking for their way back, considering it will be difficult to strike his name off the credits entirely.

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