All the Marvel series were anticipated to be as good as the Marvel movies. However, some were good and some were bad! Similarly, after Captain America handed the shield to the Falcon, fans were eager to see what roles out for the best FRIENDS of Captain America, Falcon, and Winter Soldier. 

The Falcon and Winter Soldier streamed exclusively on Disney+ featuring two of the MCU’s most popular sidekicks. Starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson and Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier, the series was set in the aftermath of Steve Rogers’ retirement and a world without Captain America. However, it turned out to be a loss for the studios. With that being said, below are a few reasons Why Falcon & Winter Soldier Is The Weakest MCU Show.

TFAWS: Could Not Stand Upto The Legacy of Captain America

Sam Wilson in Falcon and Winter Soldier
Fans did not liked when Sam Wilson gave away the throne of Captain America!

The show had a decent pinch of patriotism along with personal issues between the duo. Fans were expecting the show to be at the level of Captain America but were left disheartened! Bucky finally lifting up the shield and working for something was really nice to see but could not grip the audience. Every soaring high is undercut by an even worse low. It seemed much like a mediocre remake! Being a followup of the Captain America trilogy and the Avengers, it seemed like a laudatory series tried to stuff in the MCU Phase 4. 

The Show Was Centered On Sam Wilson As Falcon

Sam Wilson with Captain America Shield
The show had major storylines on Sam Wilson and his personal life!

With the first few episodes, people were confused about whether this show is about Falcon and Winter Soldier or just about Sam Wilson. With a new bunch of super-soldiers, you would expect Bucky Barnes to chime in the conversation and solve the issue. But we see, Falcon, trying his old mental therapy sessions on the platoon of super-soldiers! 

Exploration of Ideas and Government Interventions

falcon and the winter soldier
Bring back the story of Isaiah Bradley as first Black Captain America did not turned out well!!

Commentary on the government overwatch was missed and did not have any impact on the story. The series tried to copy it from the previous movies like the Winter Soldier but failed to do so! It also tried to show the ideological fractures similar to Civil War but could not create an impact. 

The Series Had Senseless Plots

Falcon and Winter Soldier
The series had unnecessary plot holes which left fans confused!

Bucky being a breakout specialist, helped Baron Zemo in breaking out of the jail. It seemed stupid, Winter Soldier helping the one who tried to mind control him and kill his friends. On the other hand, Falcon telling flag smashers about the protest that they do is good but the way they are doing is not good, seemed very mindless!

Bucky Barnes from the falcon and winter soldier
Fans wanted to see more of Bucky Barnes in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier!!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended up being a jumbled, rushed, and bland narrative that we have seen, dealt with much better with the likes of Winter Soldier. It’s the character moments that stood out in the show with Isaiah Bradley and learning of his history as a super-soldier, and Sam obviously trying to honor his legacy again, as well as steeds. These kinds of moments were by far the best part of the show.

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