Out of all the celebrities out there, musicians and singers perhaps have the easiest way of commenting on their rivals or hiding easter eggs in their work. From rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Drake to pop singers like Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey, the world of music and songs is full of instances where one artist is taking a dig at their rival or opponent in the industry.

As beloved singers release their latest albums, fans get to work on finding thinly veiled references to their so-called enemies in the industry. So, it was only natural for speculations to begin in full swing when Swift announced the release of her next album.

Is Taylor Swift Dissing Kim Kardashian In Her Latest Album?

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in You Belong With Me

Taylor Swift’s ever-evolving fandom is known for many things including defending the singer’s honor on social media and cracking intricate codes she sends to keep the intrigue leveled. The popular lyricist and singer has been keeping the suspense alive with numerous signs on social media as her latest album The Tortured Poets Department hits the streaming platforms. The most delightful surprise came for Swifties when the Style singer released a deluxe edition with 15 more songs.

One particular song stood out to the fans as something was peculiar about the way its title was written. Called ThanK you aIMee, the song is supposedly a diss track pointed towards Kim Kardashian, who has been on bad terms with the singer since 2016. The song basically expresses Swift’s gratification towards Kardashian since the feud eventually helped Swift garner more fame.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Look What You Made Me Do

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While the rift between the two popular women was not intentional, it widened as Kardashian defended her then-husband Kanye West calling Swift “That B***h” in his song Famous. The era of the 2010s is marked by this clash that defined the progression of fights and quarrels in the industry. Swift is not one to stay quiet, so she replied with an entire album called Reputation that blew West’s song out of the water. Thus began the Midnights hitmaker’s journey toward global stardom.

Fans are Quick to Comment on the Matter

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Karma

The speculation of ThanK you aIMee being about Kardashian is not that far-fetched even though the SKIMS founder is not named in the song. Fans have flooded social media with hilarious remarks and quips targeting Kardashian for being pulled into yet another uproar. The song outlines Swift’s rise to power despite a school bully trying to bring her down.

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On top of everything, the song comes at a time when Kardashian’s daughter North West is also entering the music industry. However, Swift claims that even North West is a fan of Swift as Kardashian might hear her daughter singing the song someday despite it being about her mother. Swifties are definitely loving the album The Tortured Poets Department more and more with each code they crack.

The Tortured Poets Department is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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