God of War (2018) is a masterpiece of video game design:

A Still from God of War 2018
A Still from God of War which is one of the best game of 2018

God of War (2018) is a gaming masterpiece that tells the story of parenthood and family. Kratos’ fury has been replaced with a more mature sense of responsibility, not just for his own deeds but also for those of his son. The interplay between Atreus and Kratos communicates a convincing pressure between two individuals who are duty-bound to one another but struggle to build a connection at first, tapping into actual concerns and experiences of motherhood. While the game bears Kratos’ name, Atreus is just as important as Kratos in God of War. Atreus’ developing regard and respect for his father evolves in tandem with his own teenage aspirations to comprehend the world and his role in it. It’s no surprise that Ragnarök was nominated for the Game Awards as one of the most anticipated games of 2022. Ragnarök not only continues Kratos and Atreus’ tale, but also brings the storyline to PlayStation 5 systems. The improved chipset allows for more than simple graphics improvements. The DualSense controllers offered haptic feedback, which has already been employed to great advantage in numerous games and should be noted, especially during fighting.

Three years is hardly a long time to wait for a sequel to a video game:

A scene from the game God of War Ragnarök which was released 2018
A scene from the game God of War Ragnarök which was released 2018

Three years isn’t a long time to wait for a video game sequel, but it would have been nice if God of War didn’t feel like it was only getting started when Kratos and Atreus eventually reached the summit. Ragnarök has been anticipated since the release of God of War in 2018, yet it won’t be properly confirmed until the PlayStation Showcase in September 2020. Surprisingly, the game was assigned a 2021 release date at the time. That timeline was eventually pushed out to 2022, and only time will tell if the game needs another delay. Regardless, Sony Santa Monica has avoided revealing too much information about the game, including the choice not to disclose a definite release date. Fans have been clamouring for more information, but it has been sluggish to arrive. Ragnarök is supposed to be the end of Kratos’ travels in Norse mythology, and it was really triggered by the deaths of crucial people he battled in God of War. Baldur and the two sons of Thor pursued Kratos and Atreus on their voyage, and all three were killed.

Kratos and Atreus became enemies of Freya and Thor by slaying Baldur, Magni, and Modi:

A scene form  God of War Ragnarök Kratos fighting Freya
A scene form God of War Ragnarök Kratos fighting Freya

By slaying Baldur, Magni, and Modi, Kratos and Atreus became enemies of Freya and Thor. As a result, gamers unintentionally initiated the start of Ragnarök. The sequel’s concept sends Kratos and Atreus on another trip, this time to seek friends for the looming catastrophic war. God of War’s combat was revamped, and Ragnarök promises to include fresh features to the system as well as new monsters to battle. While God of War has long been known for its vicious fighting, the 2018 update recast Kratos’ tale as a more serious and adult experience. The most compelling reason to watch Ragnarök is to observe how Kratos accepts parenthood and what type of person Atreus decides to be. God of War: Ragnarök is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases for PlayStation 5 players in 2022.

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