DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been long-time adversaries in popular culture, with movies and television serving as the source of comic nerd rivalry since the beginning. Hulk or Superman, who would win in a fight? Quicksilver or The Flash? While there are many obvious answers to some of these questions (The Flash by far), others are far more difficult to answer.

There are several arguments for either Nth Metal or Adamantium’s supremacy in the discussion. Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and Thanagar citizens have successfully employed Nth metal to provide them wings and abilities. The gravity-defying metal has even been known to mutate and adapt into more powerful weaponry with a wide range of powers. Adamantium, on the other hand, has been a staple of Marvel comics since Wolverine. The unbreakable metal has been a famous alloy in the Marvel Universe, having been employed in the Weapon X program. While there is no definitive answer, here are 5 reasons why Nth metal is more powerful and 5 reasons why Adamantium is more strong.

Magic Resistant


Nth Metal is unique in its capacity to easily combat ghosts and magical beings. Hawkgirl was an ally of Dr. Fate in their struggle against Solomon Grundy and his chaos magic in Justice League Unlimited, owing to her mastery of the Nth Metal mace. In fact, the great AMAZO, who possessed the abilities of Superman and other Justice League members and was on the point of destroying the universe just a few episodes before, was powerless to halt Solomon’s sorcery. The world would have been annihilated if it hadn’t been for the Nth metal mace.

Gives the Ability to Fly


The flying rings of the Legion of Superheroes are all fashioned of Valorium, an alloy based on Nth metal. Thanagarians also have belts and armor made of Nth metal, which allows them to fly anti-gravitational. What good would Hawkgirl or Hawkman be if they couldn’t even fly?

While Adamantium is fantastic, the metal is rather heavy, and transporting warriors wearing Adamantium armor would need the use of immense air power. Mobilization is critical in a military confrontation, and their limited mobility in contrast to Nth Metal and flying would be a severe barrier.

Makes Reincarnation Possible

Hawkman 7.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=943&h=500&dpr=1

The Nth metal’s unique properties have resulted in Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s never-ending rebirth cycles. Because of the mystical powers of nth metal, the original Egyptian people who discovered the wrecked Nth Metal spacecraft and absorbed its unique traits have been reborn, even remembering their previous lives with clarity. The capacity to return and instill your previous existence in another person is a big benefit. While Adamantium can poison the body and induce cell deterioration, Nth metal can cause its users to resurrect in a fresh body, ready to battle again.

Anti-Regenerative Powers

Hawkman 22 Featured Image

The capacity to smash through an opponent’s regenerating powers is provided by the Nth metal. The metal’s ability to adapt to its wearer may potentially be used against it. In Savage Hawkman #4, Hawkman’s opponent is taken aback when he manages to crash through and deliver a deadly blow while he is recuperating. Consider combat with Nth Metal vs an opponent who has a healing factor. With this skill, it may significantly reduce the advantages of an opponent like Deadpool, Wolverine, or Sabretooth. Definitely a benefit for Nth metal.

Amplifies Strength and Survivability

Hawkman before Ktar Deathbringer 2

Nth Metal provides its wearers with a type of air protection. In Flash Comics #8, Hawkman’s expedition to the arctic used metal to produce heat, which helped him survive the cold. In fighting, the metal also gives increased strength. Hawkman doesn’t toss his ax carelessly, and Hawkgirl doesn’t wield her mace carelessly either.

They have tremendous strength because of the Nth Metal. Finally, Nth Metal heals and regenerates. In fact, as seen in Savage Hawkman #0, this regenerative regeneration has even been able to regenerate missing limbs.

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