Loki is the one and only Marvel Cinematic Universe show officially ascertained launching season 2, for a good reason.

The reason behind Loki getting season 2 is that MCU is soon planning to produce an entire slate of TV shows for Disney+. This series provides Marvel with an incredible opportunity of exploring numerous storytelling. It also allows a supporting character an opportunity of being the center of their narratives. However, this approach has been praised and turned out to be very successful, with Wanda Vision Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier winning the nominations. Moreover, the two programs, including Loki, were the super hit shows on Disney+ when focusing on the audience. 



After the endless approaches and confusion, Marvel has finally decided on making a maximum of its original program limited series. Therefore it has been confirmed that there will be no season 2 of WandaVision, and Falcon but, the Winter Soldier’s story will proceed in Captain American movie 4. Hence, currently, only the Marvel show – Loki is officially getting on 2. 



All About Loki’s Season 2 

As season one ended, it was a convulsive event, and that resulted in the chaos of Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness, including the role of Wanda in the film. So, about the Scarlet Witch is Nexus being, stating that it could have been of great help in the impending multiverse war. It is being assumed that the Doctor Strange sequel is going to encompass Loki’s season 2 as she has been asserted with Sylvie’s betrayal and whatever she did. Hopefully, season 2 will be coming soon at the beginning of 2020. 



Wrap up

People are eagerly waiting to have a glimpse of season 2. The craze to know what all characters will be there in it is unbelievable. However, we are expecting to see Jonathan Majors return with the Gugu Mbatha – Raw and, of course, the most favorite Sophia Di Martino, Tara Strong, and more.


The trailer is not yet out. Stay tuned! for more updates.

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