Star Wars: Visions was one of the top anime shows in 2021. It received a lot of accolades for its storytelling. Apparently, it is unfortunate that it didn’t get treated like some of the other popular shows from that year. One reason is probably that it didn’t incorporate well-known characters or storylines from previous Star Wars projects. Anyways, Visions continue to be relevant because it properly explores many compelling ideas previously established within that world. With that being said, these are the 5 reasons why Star Wars: Vision was the best thing to happen to the Star Wars universe –

It Was Out Of The Traditional Star Wars Conon

The Star Wars franchise was built on its singular canon but there have been multiple opportunities to delve into other stories within the Skywalker Saga. Visions provided new insights into this saga by featuring stories that aren’t tethered to the canon. Rather than relying on signature imagery and themes, these stories set a new standard for Star Wars while retaining its iconic nature.

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Star Wars Vision
Star Wars Vision

Star Wars: Visions Redefined The Sith

In the Star Wars universe, Sith has been the Jedi who are evil and thrive to rule the galaxy with their darkness. However, Visions brought Sith in between the thin line of light and dark. One of the standout stories was Kamikaze Douga’s Ronin which presented a Sith-centered storyline that broke the mold for Star Wars and even Trigger’s The Twins presented a unique interpretation of the Luke/Leia, something that fans would wait to see garnish more grandly.

Star Wars Vision is available to stream on Disney+
Star Wars: Vision is available to stream on Disney+

It Had Some Wildest Lightsaber Battles

When it comes to epic lightsaber battles, Visions did not disappoint Star Wars fans. The Ronin episode gave us a breathtaking battle that looked like an homage to Akira Kurosawa’s classics. Then there was the Twins storyline which featured a stunning fraternal lightsaber fight, arguably the most visually spectacular melee of the entire saga and one fan would love to see expanded upon in a series.

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The Lightsaber battle in Star Wars Visions
The Lightsaber battle in Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars: Visions Presented Some New Storylines In The Same Conon

Visions, at its peak, delivered stories that were new and exciting every day with a wide range of characters. For example, it gave fans an original story about a group of musicians trying to make it big in the Corellian underground planets – but the writers expertly brought many notable legacy characters into the mix as well. This exemplified how fresh perspectives can be interesting even if they are being told through already existing Star Wars lore.

Star Wars Visions
Star Wars: Visions

It Showed Endless Potential For A Wide Range Of Stories

Humanizing droid characters is one of the most interesting ideas in this iteration of Star Wars storytelling. We love seeing how these characters interact with humans and add new layers to both sides of the equation, particularly in TFA Rhapsody’s many-voiced (and now human or robed) droids.

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Star Wars Visions “Ronin”
Star Wars: Visions “Ronin”

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