The CW announced its schedule for this fall, earlier today, giving fans and advertisers a sense of what will be their slate for late 2022 and early next year. For the very first time since the premiere of The Flash in 2014, there is just a single DC adaptation — DC’s Stargirl, which resumes its third season now.

Currently, there are three more DC series under production for The CW, however, Stargirl stands as a lone project due to a confluence of some factors. Both Superman & Lois and The Flash are finally picking up their further seasons, and the new entry in the saga Gotham Knights will not begin until early 2023.

Many DCTV Shows Have Been Cancelled By CW

CW's slate of DC shows
CW’s slate of DC shows

Another topic of hot debate is cancellations. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman were canceled the previous month by The CW, and prior to that, both Supergirl and Black Lightning had seen their show finales last year.

“We’re staying in the superhero business,” The CW’s chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz revealed to reporters before today’s presentation. “We’re not as robust as we were, but we’re still there…We plan to stay in that business.”

The Flash
CW’s The Flash

Apart from being the only DC show on the fall schedule of The CW, Stargirl seems like a strange animal as the character is only sorta part of the whole “Arrowverse,” which is the shared DC continuity that kickstarted with Arrow and The Flash.

Stargirl takes place on Earth-2, which was created after the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. But except for a forthcoming appearance in the Earth-Prime DC comics, Stargirl hasn’t met the heroes of the other Arrowverse shows. She alongside her cast made a very brief cameo in Crisis, but that was more like stepping out of the shadows to pose, hinting that Earth-2 still existed post all the destruction and the ultimate rebirth of the multiverse.

When will Stargirl premiere?

DC's Stargirl
DC’s Stargirl on The CW

This also marks the very first time since Arrow went on to debut that no-shows set on Earth-Prime, also known as the Arrowverse’s “main” Earth, have appeared on the CW’s fall schedule.

DC’s Stargirl will premiere on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, before the new episodes of KungFu during the same time.

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