Even after the release of the Infinity war two years ago, still, a lot of questions need to be answered. A lot of fan theories pop up to save the day. Well, most of the time, they end up being hunches. Let’s not just rely on theories and know what is the actual reason behind why the original Avengers survived in Avengers: Infinity War.

The Reason Why The Original Avengers Survived in Avengers: Infinity War
The Snap by the Mad Titan turned half of the universe into dust

 At a certain point in the Infinity War, it becomes quite evident that half of the universe is going to bite the dust, in fact, then turned into the same. So, the “snap” split the universe into two, alive, and pulverized. So everyone had this one question when leaving the theatres, why the original six survived? Why not the recent-favorites like the Black Panther or Spiderman??

Why the original 6 Survived

The Reason Why The Original Avengers Survived in Avengers: Infinity War
Original 6 Avengers

This question has got a lot of answers and theories backing it up. But the real masterminds behind their survival are the writers of the movie and Russo brothers. Well, the writers rammed the original six onto the surviving side so that the end of the saga could become the perfect send-off for our favorite heroes. Hence our big hero six were physically unscathed by the snap.

If not for their presence, we would never get to be emotionally connected to the End Game.

A word from the writers

Markus and mcfeely min

The writers of the Infinity War and Endgame, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, in a quarantine watch party on twitter, responded over the survival of Original 6.  They agreed that Avengers were left alive so that Endgame could be very much a finale and an ode to these original characters.

They said that they planned that Endgame would have an everlasting emotional bond with the original six Avengers. Also, Kevin Feige said the same in his interview with Empire Magazine last year.

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