No matter what, you can always bank on Kim Kardashian to do it all. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is no stranger to being the center of attraction, be it for her personal life like taking a private jet just to meet her beau or her over-the-top fashion choices. And this time around, she is in the news for making some rather questionable fashion choices. She decided to wear skin-tight black leather in the scorching 91-degree heat in New York.

Not one to be deterred by ‘normal’ weather

kim kardashian, marilyn monroe, met gala 2022
Kim Kardashian destroyed Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress

Temperatures touched a massive 90 degrees in New York City this Wednesday. That would have made a lot of people consider what would be the ideal fit for them. But that doesn’t include Kim Kardashian. She had no qualms in wearing a heavy black leather jacket, along with a pair of her beloved Balenciaga ‘pantashoes’. And all that without breaking a sweat.

The Skims founder, who wants to make room for climate-defying fashion, was out there to make a statement. To prove her point, she even went to the extent of wearing a zipped-up Balenciaga tracksuit jacket and pants. But even that look was not enough to make the lady sweat. That is some secret power you’ve got there, Kim.

Even Kim Kardashian acknowledges her ability to brave the heat

Kim Kardashian owns numerous beauty brands.
Kim Kardashian agrees that her heat and humidity tolerance is on another level

And even the reality star agrees that her heart tolerance is on another level altogether. In 2018, she poked fun at herself and joked how she was easily able to handle “110 in Calabasas” while wearing a slouchy Yeezy sweatshirt and yet another pair of thigh-grazing boots.

But this isn’t the first time, Kim has pulled off something this adventurous. Back in July 2020, she wore a green leather jumpsuit on a 90-degree California day. The Star also answered the same. And even when she was pregnant with Saint in 2015, she decided to wear a fur coat and over-the-knee suede boots to a family function.

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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversies regarding her fashion sense

Kim Kardashian is the epitome of self-love
Kim Kardashian has made some questionable choices

This is just what can be expected from Kim Kardashian, who happens to travel in an air-conditioned SUV. One might wonder why she chooses to dress this away if she has to be out of the room for a limited time.

But going to such extremes for her is not something new. The actress, who said that she might even consider eating p**p for staying healthy, is definitely one who would make a bold fashion statement.

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