Some Gotham characters come to an end.

It’s a bittersweet Friday morning for Gotham Lovers. For the very first time in this series’ five year history, there is not another incident on the horizon, or the expectation that episodes are on the road. The show came to a close Thursday night with a complete time leap episode, revealing the coming of Batman 10 years later on. This is a fitting ending into the DC prequel series, showcasing the character it spent 100 episodes and teasing. But, there is a chance this may not just be the ending for a few of the very popular Gotham characters.

Gotham’s portrayal of Selina Kyle

Is catwoman spinoff starring Selina likely?
Is catwoman spinoff starring Selina likely?

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While Selina Kyle was performed by young celebrity Camren Bicondova through the whole show, Gotham brought within an old replacement for its flash ahead in the finale. Lili Simmons took around for Bicondova within this past episode and supplied a fairly seamless transition. She was persuasive enough that whispers of a spinoff appear to be filling the atmosphere. Following the incident, TVLine talked with showrunner John Stephens concerning the end of this series, and especially asked about a Possible spinoff after Simmons’ Catwoman from the years before Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham.

Stephen’s response about Catwoman Spinoff

Stephens Moyer
Stephens Moyer

Stephens did not state that anything was in the pipeline, but things did not shut down. “I really don’t understand that it is implanted,” Stephens responded when asked when they’d implanted the seeds of a spinoff. “I would say… optimistic?”

Hence the producers and authors of all Gotham did not have a spinoff in mind when they left this finale, but it could be safe to state they’d love to attempt to make something happen with Simmons along with the personality. In the end, if there was likely to become a spinoff of all Gotham, this is the one which makes the most sense.

Will a Catwoman Spinoff showing Selina come into existence?

Selina Kyle
Selina Kyle

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Selina Kyle is a favorite personality and Lili Simmons can certainly anchor a string by herself. What is even more significant is that this series will stand on its own without assistance from the remainder of the Gotham cast and figures. If it takes place until Bruce comes back, you do not need to deal with Batman at all Penguin and Riddler are locked up, and offense appeared to be at an all-time low for town. Without becoming caught up in anything happening at the mythos of the 21, Selina can exist.

There is no telling if a Gotham spinoff could possibly come to fruition, however that is just one that we would certainly love to see.

Source: Comicbook, Digitalspy

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